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8 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. I’m thinking of purchasing my own modem. When I spoke with Optimum and asked if they could recommend a modem they told me to call NetGear. NetGear recommended the Nighthawk CM1150V. Is this compatable with Optimum? I have telephone, TV and 1gig internet with Optimum? I have my own router, a NetGear Orbi.

    • Since the NETGEAR CM1150V is not on the Optimum approved modem list, there is no guarantee it will work at your address. The CM1150V is only approved for Comcast’s phone service and no one else. But you can contact Optimum and give them your address to determine if you will be allowed to use the CM1150V.

    • No, the ARRIS TM1602 won’t be capable of hitting 1 Gig speed; it can get close to 1 Gig speed, but you will need a DOCSIS 3.1 modem to reach the fastest speed tier. The ARRIS TM1602 is only a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

    • Hello Zachary,

      Was there a particular ISP (internet service provider) in mind? You likely can’t choose your own ONT; you get what the ISP gives you in most cases.


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