Free Money Tips

Do you like free money? This guide will show you some steps you can take to receive free money. The tips listed here are easy ways to help put some extra coin in your pocket.

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Motorola MB7621 Cable Modem Free Side View
Motorola MB7621 Side View

1. Purchase Your Own Modem

This site’s purpose is to inform you of compatible modems for each internet service provider (ISP). The sheer amount of fees ISP customers rack up over the years is staggering.

For example, if an ISP charges $14 a month for a modem rental fee, that adds up to $168 a year, $840 after five years, and $1680 after ten years. What would you rather buy for $1680 than renting a piece of equipment for several years?

Buying your own modem pays for itself! It is free money. Of course, the ISPs will continue to raise the fee for modem rentals, so you will actually save even more money if you purchase a new modem today.

2. Cheaper Phone Service

If you require phone service from your internet provider, you have a cheaper option. You may use an Ooma device. With Ooma, you pay only taxes and fees (free nationwide calling). Ooma works with any internet connection; you are not forced to use your internet provider’s phone service. If you switch internet providers, Ooma travels with you.

3. Missing Money (Free Money) is a valuable resource. You simply select your state and enter your last name, and a listing of all people owed money from other companies appears. contains a database of governmental unclaimed property records. You may not even know money belongs to you (maybe an insurance company or a bank owes you money). helps people discover free money owed to them for any number of reasons.

4. Earn Swagbucks

On Swagbucks, you earn SB points easily by answering the daily poll, doing a web search, watching a video, redeeming a swag code (follow them on social media), trying free samples, completing a survey, etc. You won’t get rich off this program, but it is another way to earn some extra free money to redeem for items such as Amazon gift cards. Swagbucks has lots of ways to earn SB points.

5. Freebies

Freebies allow you to try items before you commit any money to a purchase. Check out Hip2Save for the latest freebies. You can find free movie rentals, razors, food, lotions, music, shampoo, and more on the Hip2Save site. You can even get a free year of magazines; that is free money since you save those dollars that you can spend on something else.

Free Money Summary

Finding free money is easy when you know where to find it. Follow some or all of these tips to put some money in your wallet.

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