Optimum Approved Modems

Below you will find the entire Optimum approved modems list. Warning, there are not many options for one to purchase their own modem for Optimum’s internet service.

Read the Cable Modem Buying Guide to help you choose a modem. Do not forget to purchase your modem accessories.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2020

Full Optimum Approved Modems List for September 2020

The Modems Listed Below Are All DOCSIS 3.0 Modems
♦ Indicates an Intel Puma Chipset Defect – Do Not Buy

Note: ✅ means Yes, ❌ means No

BrandModel #ChannelsMax SpeedVoIPWiFi
ARRISTM8048×4343 Mbps
ARRISTM8228×4343 Mbps
ARRISTM1602 ♦24×8960 Mbps

Channels: first # refers to downstream channels, second # refers to upstream channels (e.g. 16×4, means 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels)
The more channels, the faster the speed

Max Speed: refers to the theoretical maximum download speed

VoIP: indicates if the modem has telephone capability

WiFi: indicates if the modem has WiFi capability

Optimum Approved Modems Added in August 2017
Arris TG1672G

Optimum Approved Modems Removed in April 2019
Cisco DPQ3212
Motorola SBV6220

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Optimum serves the following areas: Connecticut, New York (Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester), and New Jersey.

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35 thoughts on “Optimum Approved Modems”

    • Unfortunately, Jonathan, Optimum only recommends the three modems listed on their webpage. Optimum states there are many DOCSIS certified models that are compatible with Optimum, but they do not not list the model numbers. You should contact Optimum support to see if they can answer your question. The NETGEAR CM1150V may or may not work in your local region.

  1. I chatted with Optimum support today (unsure how “techy” the rep is but I have no way to know) about cable modems for use in Manalapan, NJ 07726 and here’s what he said :
    Any brand modem will work if it meets the following specs :

    minimum 16 x 8 channels
    maximum 32 x 8 channels
    DOCSIS 3.0 ( he said their network currently can’t detect DOCSIS 3.1 modems and they are working on it )

    He said Arris & Netgear are “recommended” brands. When I asked why brand is important, he said it’s not important. Just that their customers usually buy those. Another rep told me in Sep 2019 that 32 x 8 channel modems may have issues and hence 24 x 8 channels were recommended. When I mentioned this to today’s rep, he said that didn’t matter.

    So….Although their “approved” modem list has only 3 models all being Arris, any brand should work with Optimum. Another Optimum rep told me this in December.

    • Thanks, Prasad, for this highly-detailed post. It seems like Optimum would update their approved modem list to include more modem models than the three that they list. Maybe only certain modem models work in certain regions. Hopefully, Optimum, will update their official approved modem list in the future.

      Thank you again, Prasad, for sharing this knowledge with everyone.

  2. Today I was told that Arris and Motorola were the recommended brands (with a short list of model numbers), but that any DOCSIS 3.0 should work. When I asked about DOCSIS 3.1 he said that they have not fully tested any of them, but in theory 3.1 is downward compatible with 3.0 and “should probably work”.

    I found on the Netgear site documents that indicate the CM1xxx series being compatible with Optimum, so I think I’m going to try the CM1200.

      • Optimum reps have given me several different Answers. I was wonder if the Netgear CM700 is a comparable modem for phone, cable and internet. Some say it won’t work for the phone. Please help

        • Frank,

          You will likely get different responses from Optimum because they have a really short official approved modem list (only three modems listed above). The NETGEAR CM700 does not have phone capability, so you will not get phone service through that device. Plus, the CM7000 has a bad Intel Puma chipset you should stay clear of anyway. If you want guaranteed service with Optimum, you will need to choose from the three modems listed above until they officially approve additional modems.

          And the ARRIS TM1602A is an Intel Puma chipset as well, so you are really only left with two choices.

  3. Optimum will never support a business practice that is in the best interest on the customer, but rather, look for the easiest way to generate revenue. They fleece customers by charging an exorbitant monthly fee for a modem that was relevant 5 years ago. Why would Optimum want to update their website, list any supporting modems that any smart shopper would buy in a heartbeat and drop the recurring charge for a vastly inferior product?

    • This is exactly why anti-competitive legislation is needed. Do we really expect some “hidden hand” to protect consumer interests?

  4. Optimum installed arris 1602
    Out of all the modems out there, only 2, which just happens to be the maker that they rent to customers, that sets off many red flags
    If optimum truly believed is supporting it’s customers, it should reveal the modem specs a customer needs to get the best results from service

  5. Im thinking of getting the Arris svg2482ac to work with Optimum three play in Westchester, NY. Can anyone give me comments or reviews if this modem will work for sure? Ive already had to return a netgear nighthawk.

    • First of all, Delia, you should avoid the ARRIS SVG2482AC since it contains an Intel Puma chipset (you’ll likely have a bad experience with it). With Optimum’s lack of information, in regards to any modem not on their approved modem list, you should contact Optimum’s customer service with your local address so they can give you a definitive answer for your region.

      Stay safe, Delia!

  6. SURFboard Gigabit+ DOCSIS 3.0 32 x 8 Cable Modem SB6190 – I was told by someone at Optimum to get this. I researched and it has the bad intel chip set ? Is this still the case? any thoughts?

  7. Thanks modern. What modem would you recommend. I want to get one that can handle 300 mbps. That is the plan I have. I thought I would get one that could handle upto 1 gig. What would be a safe choice in your opinion? Thanks.

    • Officially, Optimum only supports the three modems listed on their approved modems list. Others have commented that other modems not on the list may work, but you are really taking a chance since they are not officially supported if you run into issues later.

      You may want to contact Optimum directly with your address so they can recommend a fast modem that may work in your area. Unfortunately, Optimum is not a serious ISP as they only list three official approved modems; it is the shortest list of all the ISPs.

    • It likely will, Shan, but keep in mind the ARRIS SB6141 does not appear on the actual Optimum’s approved modems list. They may accept it, but in a few months, Optimum may not allow it. Modems not on the Optimum approved modem list do not include tech support.

      Contacting Optimum with your residential address may give you a clearer answer if the SB6141 will work for you in your area .

  8. I can confirm Optimum does support the Arris SB8200. They are finally upgrading their plant to support Docsis 3.1. In my area they do support 3.1 with 28 downstream channels and 4 upstream SC-QAM channels. The overseas tech support will claim that only the MSO provided Ubee 1322 gateway can be provisioned for the highest speed teir of 1000/50. This is not true, if pressed they will connect you with the technology department, as they call it, which is stateside and 15 minutes later your SB8200 will be provisioned for the 1 gig service. Also, Optimum is in the process of buying the Arris CM8200 which is the MSO version of the commercial Arris SB8200.

    • Thanks, Joe, for this quality information that hopefully others looking to upgrade their equipment can take advantage of for Optimum internet service.

  9. I am searching on Best buy for an Optimum compatible modem and among the Q/A section somebody provided this list of compatible modems in NJ which is close enough to my region. I thought I’d share with you here as this sites been super helpful in my search for a working modem update to save the unnecessary rental fee.. My next step is finding out which modem works best for me to future-proof my setup.

    A: I just spoke to Optimum this afternoon, we subscribe to cable, internet(400) and voice in Bergen County, NJ, got a great rep and was actually given a coveted list! YES this was on list! Will cut and paste list to spare some many, many hours of research. Optimum approved modems (8/22/20):
    Arris 512
    Arris 802g
    Arris 804
    Arris 822
    ARRIS 1602
    ARRIS 1672
    Cisco DPC3000
    Cisco DPQ3212
    Cisco DPQ3925
    Gateway 4 (Ubee 1319)
    Gateway 5 (Ubee 1322)
    Innomedia 3528-4
    Innomedia 6528-12
    Motorola SB5100
    Motorola SBV5120/5121
    Motorola SBV5222
    Motorola SBV5322
    Motorola SB6120
    Motorola SBV6220
    By technicallychallenged 1 week ago

    • Thanks for the list. I have the net gear cm500v and optimum can’t get it to work. I called net gear and they said it will there appears some sort of software change they need to make but now everyone knows this.

  10. All that said previously, would you recommend an Arris SBV3202? I almost got the Arris CM8200, but that model has 2 RJ45’s and I need the RJ11’s that are on the Arris 822 I’ve been renting for $10/month for the last 5 years…

    I need this to work on Optimum for both data and voice. Please let me know your thoughts on which I should ultimately choose.

    Thank you!

    • Hello PB,

      First, thanks for providing the list above. Unfortunately most of those modems are older devices that other ISPs don’t even use (end-of-life). If you are future-proofing, that isn’t the way to go. However, Optimum doesn’t offer much help here since they only officially support the three modems listed above.

      Certainly stay away from the ARRIS SBV3202 as it contains an Intel Puma chipset (not worth the hassle it may cause you).

      The suggestion is to pick from the actual three approved modems listed above (avoid the ARRIS TM1602 has that contains an Intel Puma chipset as well). Why not just buy your own ARRIS TM822 to avoid the rental fee (at least until Optimum officially supports more modems on their approved modem list – if that ever happens)?

      Optimum is the weakest of all the ISPs in providing a lengthy list of modems they officially support.

  11. Hi Modem Gurus,
    Question for you since I upgraded to Optimum 1 GZ service. I had a Arris (not sure about the model ) and it was 200 MBPS. They installed a UBEE UBC1322 BA00 modem(DOCSIS3.1). Ever since it has been installed the connection falls every 2-3 hours. My connection was never falling with 200 MBPS modem.What could be the reason for the fall? Is it ok to by a Arris ARRIS SURFboard DOCSIS 3.1 on my own if they really support 3.1 and the current modem which is 3.1 is getting connected but no performance impe=rovement with this UBEE modem and additionally connection drops. Please help me out

    Can the reason for the fall may be because of 3.1 modem?



    • Hello Tarun,

      There could be many reasons for your failing Ubee modem. It could be a bad firmware upgrade or needs a firmware upgrade. It may be a defective modem altogether. It sounds like Optimum gave you the modem, so the good news is they should provide technical support for your device. You should take advantage of it. Contact Optimum about your issue. Optimum also has this troubleshooting Internet connectivity guide for you.

      Like determining why a WiFi device works fine in one home, but has issues in another home, there are various factors that can be an issue with a modem. Your plan should be to contact Optimum, see if they can determine the issue with the Ubee device. If they can’t, then you should try purchasing your own modem. Good luck, Tarun.

      • Thank you so much for responding. I also do not want to spend a recurring $10 per month for rental. Whta would you recommend a good modem . I just do not trust Optimum on the recommendation

        • Tarun,

          Keep in mind Optimum only recommends the three modems listed on their approved modem list (none are DOCSIS 3.1 modems). If you want to take a chance on a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, either try the ARRIS SB8200 or the NETGEAR CM1000 (you will need a separate router). If you need WiFi included, you can try the NETGEAR CAX80.

          Remember, Optimum may not support these devices since they are not officially on their approved modem list. You could contact Optimum and give them your residential address to see if they support a particular device in your local region.

  12. This is very helpful. I did speak to an optimum representative. Not sure how tech Savvy she is. She just mentioned that in our locality 3.1 is available and netgear and arris are supported. However I really do not trust what she said. However I am thinking i will get a ARRIS SB8200 and when the tech comes I will ask him to replace their router with my router. I have a Netgear R7000 wifi router. Will it make sense to get NETGEAR CM1000 in case it works better with the netgear router?

    Thanks a Ton

    • You shouldn’t worry about the modem brand, especially since you will have someone else setting it up. The modem connects to the router with a simple ethernet cable. You should just go with the cheaper ARRIS SB8200.

      Stay safe, Tarun.


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