Optimum Approved Modems

Below you will find the Optimum approved modems list. There are several options for one to purchase their own modem for Optimum’s internet service.

Read the Cable Modem Buying Guide to help you choose a modem. Do not forget to purchase your modem accessories.

Internet providers have begun removing some DOCSIS 3.0 modems from their networks. To maximize the years of use from a modem, it is strongly recommended to purchase a DOCSIS 3.1 device (the latest standard).

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Last Updated: February 1, 2024

Best DOCSIS 3.1 Modem

ARRIS S33 DOCSIS 3.1 Optimum Approved Modems
ARRIS S33 Cable Modem
Model #ARRIS S33
WiFi RouterNo
VoIP Telephone AdapterNo

Best WiFi Modem

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX6000 CAX80 WiFi 6 Router DOCSIS 3.1 Optimum Approved Modems
NETGEAR AX6000 CAX80 WiFi 6 Router DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem
WiFi RouterYes (WiFi 6)
VoIP Telephone AdapterNo

Best Modem Value

NETGEAR CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 Optimum Approved Modems
NETGEAR CM500 Cable Modem
Model #NETGEAR CM500
WiFi RouterNo
VoIP Telephone AdapterNo

Full Optimum Approved Modem List

The Modems Listed Below Are All DOCSIS 3.0 Modems Unless Indicated as a DOCSIS 3.1 Modem
♦ Indicates an Intel Puma Chipset Defect – Do Not Buy

Note: ✅ means Yes, ❌ means No

BrandModel #ChannelsVoIPWiFi
ARRISSB6190 ♦32×8
ARRISSBG10 ♦16×4
ARRISSBG6950AC2 ♦16×4
ARRISSBG7400AC2 ♦24×8
ARRISSBG7580-AC ♦32×8
ARRISSBG7600AC2 ♦32×8
ARRISTM1602G ♦24×8
ASUSCM-32 ♦32×8
HitronCODA ♦DOCSIS 3.1
LinksysCG7500 ♦24×8
LinksysCM3016 ♦16×4
LinksysCM3024 ♦24×8
MotorolaMB8600DOCSIS 3.1
MotorolaMB8611DOCSIS 3.1
MotorolaMG8702DOCSIS 3.1
MotorolaMG8725DOCSIS 3.1
NETGEARC6300 ♦16×4
NETGEARC6300v2 ♦16×4
NETGEARCG3000Dv2 N4508×4
NETGEARCM700 ♦32×8
TP-LinkARCHER CR50016×4
TP-LinkARCHER CR70016×4

Channels: first # refers to downstream channels, second # refers to upstream channels (e.g. 16×4, means 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels)
DOCSIS 3.1 offers the fastest speeds

VoIP: indicates if the modem has telephone capability

WiFi: indicates if the modem has WiFi capability

Optimum Approved Modems Added in August 2017
Arris TG1672G

Optimum Approved Modems Removed in April 2019
Cisco DPQ3212
Motorola SBV6220

Optimum Approved Modems Added in September 2022
ARRIS TM804 (removed)
ARRIS TM822 (removed)

Optimum Approved Modems Removed in January 2023

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Optimum (Altice) serves the following areas: Connecticut, New York (Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester), and New Jersey.

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149 thoughts on “Optimum Approved Modems”

  1. I chatted with Optimum support today (unsure how “techy” the rep is but I have no way to know) about cable modems for use in Manalapan, NJ 07726 and here’s what he said :
    Any brand modem will work if it meets the following specs :

    minimum 16 x 8 channels
    maximum 32 x 8 channels
    DOCSIS 3.0 ( he said their network currently can’t detect DOCSIS 3.1 modems and they are working on it )

    He said Arris & Netgear are “recommended” brands. When I asked why brand is important, he said it’s not important. Just that their customers usually buy those. Another rep told me in Sep 2019 that 32 x 8 channel modems may have issues and hence 24 x 8 channels were recommended. When I mentioned this to today’s rep, he said that didn’t matter.

    So….Although their “approved” modem list has only 3 models all being Arris, any brand should work with Optimum. Another Optimum rep told me this in December.

    • Thanks, Prasad, for this highly-detailed post. It seems like Optimum would update their approved modem list to include more modem models than the three that they list. Maybe only certain modem models work in certain regions. Hopefully, Optimum, will update their official approved modem list in the future.

      Thank you again, Prasad, for sharing this knowledge with everyone.

    • They DO support DOCSIS 3.1. They have their own branded modem/router, the UBC 1326 Wireless eMTA. I suggest you stick with the ARRIS 1602, which I believe comes in a DOCSIS 3.1 model. The Optimum/Altice modem is a modem/router, so if you already have your own router with wifi (especially if you have a different IP address … mine is … notice the 4!) you should buy your own modem (the 1602) and save yourself $10/month. Also, if you are not using your computer for gaming or business, 200 mps is fast enough for a 5000 sq. ft. house, especially if you have a powerful router. That will save you another $10/month!

        • I don’t mean to be rehashing the same issue, but my head is spinning.
          I’m on Long Island… with Optimum.
          I definitely want to drop TV and just stream. Not sure about phone yet. We have a small house, no gaming.
          I know some modems get automatic updates from Optimum.
          I spoke to an Optimum Rep. yesterday and was told to use:
          Arris TM822
          Arris TM804
          Arris TM1602
          Arris TM1672
          Motorola SB6141
          Motorola SB6183
          Motorola SB6121

          He had no idea about updates.
          I know I will also need a router, and was told by the same rep. that any router will be fine.

          PLEASE help, me determine what modem and router to get.
          Thank you in advance!!!

          • Hello Cheryl,

            The Motorola models are the best on that list. It is concerning that the rep refers to the last three modems as Motorola brand, as they are now under the ARRIS brand name. That happened years ago, so it shows how out of date that rep’s list is when providing it to a customer. The best device on the list is the (Motorola) ARRIS SB6183

            Checkout the ARRIS SB6121 packaging to see the Motorola and ARRIS branding on the same box.

            As for the router, the TP-Link Archer A7 is a best value device and a best seller on Amazon. You can also checkout the Best Wireless Routers page if you want something else. Hope that helps you with your decision, Cheryl.

    • Docsis 3.1 Is backwards compatible with 3.0. I’m running a Netgear CM1100 which is docsis 3.1using optimum online in New Jersey. The key is they don’t want to activate the modem, but it will work if you could get somebody to do it. I had a Netgear support person do a conference call with optimum online support person and he talked him into activating the modem. Alternatively, there is a website that you can use to activate it yourself, but the modem had a 13 digit number and their website only has room for 12 so I had no choice but to call.

      • Thanks, Cindy, for this information. Sometimes it can be hassle getting an ISP (internet service provider) to activate a modem (especially a device that is not on the official approved modem list). Glad you were able to activate yours with Optimum.

    • also in 07726..just got a Motorola 24×8 Docsis 3.0.
      works no issue see very little speed improvement over ARRIS but that on speed test..real test comes at heavy use times

  2. Today I was told that Arris and Motorola were the recommended brands (with a short list of model numbers), but that any DOCSIS 3.0 should work. When I asked about DOCSIS 3.1 he said that they have not fully tested any of them, but in theory 3.1 is downward compatible with 3.0 and “should probably work”.

    I found on the Netgear site documents that indicate the CM1xxx series being compatible with Optimum, so I think I’m going to try the CM1200.

      • Optimum reps have given me several different Answers. I was wonder if the Netgear CM700 is a comparable modem for phone, cable and internet. Some say it won’t work for the phone. Please help

        • Frank,

          You will likely get different responses from Optimum because they have a really short official approved modem list (only three modems listed above). The NETGEAR CM700 does not have phone capability, so you will not get phone service through that device. Plus, the CM7000 has a bad Intel Puma chipset you should stay clear of anyway. If you want guaranteed service with Optimum, you will need to choose from the three modems listed above until they officially approve additional modems.

          And the ARRIS TM1602A is an Intel Puma chipset as well, so you are really only left with two choices.

  3. Optimum will never support a business practice that is in the best interest on the customer, but rather, look for the easiest way to generate revenue. They fleece customers by charging an exorbitant monthly fee for a modem that was relevant 5 years ago. Why would Optimum want to update their website, list any supporting modems that any smart shopper would buy in a heartbeat and drop the recurring charge for a vastly inferior product?

  4. Optimum installed arris 1602
    Out of all the modems out there, only 2, which just happens to be the maker that they rent to customers, that sets off many red flags
    If optimum truly believed is supporting it’s customers, it should reveal the modem specs a customer needs to get the best results from service

  5. Im thinking of getting the Arris svg2482ac to work with Optimum three play in Westchester, NY. Can anyone give me comments or reviews if this modem will work for sure? Ive already had to return a netgear nighthawk.

    • First of all, Delia, you should avoid the ARRIS SVG2482AC since it contains an Intel Puma chipset (you’ll likely have a bad experience with it). With Optimum’s lack of information, in regards to any modem not on their approved modem list, you should contact Optimum’s customer service with your local address so they can give you a definitive answer for your region.

      Stay safe, Delia!

  6. SURFboard Gigabit+ DOCSIS 3.0 32 x 8 Cable Modem SB6190 – I was told by someone at Optimum to get this. I researched and it has the bad intel chip set ? Is this still the case? any thoughts?

  7. Thanks modern. What modem would you recommend. I want to get one that can handle 300 mbps. That is the plan I have. I thought I would get one that could handle upto 1 gig. What would be a safe choice in your opinion? Thanks.

    • Officially, Optimum only supports the three modems listed on their approved modems list. Others have commented that other modems not on the list may work, but you are really taking a chance since they are not officially supported if you run into issues later.

      You may want to contact Optimum directly with your address so they can recommend a fast modem that may work in your area. Unfortunately, Optimum is not a serious ISP as they only list three official approved modems; it is the shortest list of all the ISPs.

    • It likely will, Shan, but keep in mind the ARRIS SB6141 does not appear on the actual Optimum’s approved modems list. They may accept it, but in a few months, Optimum may not allow it. Modems not on the Optimum approved modem list do not include tech support.

      Contacting Optimum with your residential address may give you a clearer answer if the SB6141 will work for you in your area .

  8. I can confirm Optimum does support the Arris SB8200. They are finally upgrading their plant to support Docsis 3.1. In my area they do support 3.1 with 28 downstream channels and 4 upstream SC-QAM channels. The overseas tech support will claim that only the MSO provided Ubee 1322 gateway can be provisioned for the highest speed teir of 1000/50. This is not true, if pressed they will connect you with the technology department, as they call it, which is stateside and 15 minutes later your SB8200 will be provisioned for the 1 gig service. Also, Optimum is in the process of buying the Arris CM8200 which is the MSO version of the commercial Arris SB8200.

    • Thanks, Joe, for this quality information that hopefully others looking to upgrade their equipment can take advantage of for Optimum internet service.

    • For what it’s worth, on the east end of Long Island (11960 zip code), the Arris SB8200 will not work. After reading this site I was sure I could get it work! First I tried chat support, then I connected directly with technical support (via phone). The gentleman I spoke with seemed knowledgeable and he tried a few ways to provision it but with no luck. I have 1GB service from Optimum (and the problems others have cited with UBEE – lots of drops) and and he recommended the Netgear CM700 which is DOCSIS 3.0 BUT supports up to 1.4GB and confirmed that it’s 100% compatible with Optimum.

  9. I am searching on Best buy for an Optimum compatible modem and among the Q/A section somebody provided this list of compatible modems in NJ which is close enough to my region. I thought I’d share with you here as this sites been super helpful in my search for a working modem update to save the unnecessary rental fee.. My next step is finding out which modem works best for me to future-proof my setup.

    A: I just spoke to Optimum this afternoon, we subscribe to cable, internet(400) and voice in Bergen County, NJ, got a great rep and was actually given a coveted list! YES this was on list! Will cut and paste list to spare some many, many hours of research. Optimum approved modems (8/22/20):
    Arris 512
    Arris 802g
    Arris 804
    Arris 822
    ARRIS 1602
    ARRIS 1672
    Cisco DPC3000
    Cisco DPQ3212
    Cisco DPQ3925
    Gateway 4 (Ubee 1319)
    Gateway 5 (Ubee 1322)
    Innomedia 3528-4
    Innomedia 6528-12
    Motorola SB5100
    Motorola SBV5120/5121
    Motorola SBV5222
    Motorola SBV5322
    Motorola SB6120
    Motorola SBV6220
    By technicallychallenged 1 week ago

    • Thanks for the list. I have the net gear cm500v and optimum can’t get it to work. I called net gear and they said it will there appears some sort of software change they need to make but now everyone knows this.

  10. All that said previously, would you recommend an Arris SBV3202? I almost got the Arris CM8200, but that model has 2 RJ45’s and I need the RJ11’s that are on the Arris 822 I’ve been renting for $10/month for the last 5 years…

    I need this to work on Optimum for both data and voice. Please let me know your thoughts on which I should ultimately choose.

    Thank you!

    • Hello PB,

      First, thanks for providing the list above. Unfortunately most of those modems are older devices that other ISPs don’t even use (end-of-life). If you are future-proofing, that isn’t the way to go. However, Optimum doesn’t offer much help here since they only officially support the three modems listed above.

      Certainly stay away from the ARRIS SBV3202 as it contains an Intel Puma chipset (not worth the hassle it may cause you).

      The suggestion is to pick from the actual three approved modems listed above (avoid the ARRIS TM1602 has that contains an Intel Puma chipset as well). Why not just buy your own ARRIS TM822 to avoid the rental fee (at least until Optimum officially supports more modems on their approved modem list – if that ever happens)?

      Optimum is the weakest of all the ISPs in providing a lengthy list of modems they officially support.

  11. Hi Modem Gurus,
    Question for you since I upgraded to Optimum 1 GZ service. I had a Arris (not sure about the model ) and it was 200 MBPS. They installed a UBEE UBC1322 BA00 modem(DOCSIS3.1). Ever since it has been installed the connection falls every 2-3 hours. My connection was never falling with 200 MBPS modem.What could be the reason for the fall? Is it ok to by a Arris ARRIS SURFboard DOCSIS 3.1 on my own if they really support 3.1 and the current modem which is 3.1 is getting connected but no performance impe=rovement with this UBEE modem and additionally connection drops. Please help me out

    Can the reason for the fall may be because of 3.1 modem?



    • Hello Tarun,

      There could be many reasons for your failing Ubee modem. It could be a bad firmware upgrade or needs a firmware upgrade. It may be a defective modem altogether. It sounds like Optimum gave you the modem, so the good news is they should provide technical support for your device. You should take advantage of it. Contact Optimum about your issue. Optimum also has this troubleshooting Internet connectivity guide for you.

      Like determining why a WiFi device works fine in one home, but has issues in another home, there are various factors that can be an issue with a modem. Your plan should be to contact Optimum, see if they can determine the issue with the Ubee device. If they can’t, then you should try purchasing your own modem. Good luck, Tarun.

      • Thank you so much for responding. I also do not want to spend a recurring $10 per month for rental. Whta would you recommend a good modem . I just do not trust Optimum on the recommendation

        • Tarun,

          Keep in mind Optimum only recommends the three modems listed on their approved modem list (none are DOCSIS 3.1 modems). If you want to take a chance on a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, either try the ARRIS SB8200 or the NETGEAR CM1000 (you will need a separate router). If you need WiFi included, you can try the NETGEAR CAX80.

          Remember, Optimum may not support these devices since they are not officially on their approved modem list. You could contact Optimum and give them your residential address to see if they support a particular device in your local region.

          Update: the NETGEAR CAX80 Quick Start Guide states that Optimum supports the CAX80.

          • Yes Optimum recommends the three modems for their service but is there one they recommend that has a good chip set that also offers 1000mbps of speed?!?! Going to be signing up for their 1gb service and want to get best router for it have been looking at Netgear CAX80. Also will the CAX80 “future proof my home??”

            • You can order the NETGEAR CAX80 from Amazon and try to activate it with Optimum’s network. If you can’t activate it, you can return it free to Amazon. The CAX80 is the best device right now. It offers the latest technology (DOCSIS 3.1 for 1 Gigabit internet service and WiFi 6; both are the latest and fastest standards). So, this is as future-proof as you can get in the market today. WiFi 6 routers just hit the market a few months ago (around April 2020).

              Some Amazon reviewers say that the CAX80 works with Optimum, but that may be for only certain locations.

              If you don’t want to hassle with returns, you can contact Optimum and give them your street address and they should tell you if the NETGEAR CAX80 will work for you. If you use chat or Twitter to contact Optimum, you can save the message if you need it as proof that a service rep told you to use a certain device.

              Stay safe, Buddy!

              Update: the NETGEAR CAX80 Quick Start Guide states that Optimum supports the CAX80.

  12. This is very helpful. I did speak to an optimum representative. Not sure how tech Savvy she is. She just mentioned that in our locality 3.1 is available and netgear and arris are supported. However I really do not trust what she said. However I am thinking i will get a ARRIS SB8200 and when the tech comes I will ask him to replace their router with my router. I have a Netgear R7000 wifi router. Will it make sense to get NETGEAR CM1000 in case it works better with the netgear router?

    Thanks a Ton

    • You shouldn’t worry about the modem brand, especially since you will have someone else setting it up. The modem connects to the router with a simple ethernet cable. You should just go with the cheaper ARRIS SB8200.

      Stay safe, Tarun.

  13. Any thoughts on a DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit compatible modem-router combo? Optimum installed a Ubee UBC1322 today and it looks like it’s not good quality. I’m also not looking to pay $10 a month forever for something that isn’t sold directly to consumers via Amazon, Best Buy, etc. where I have the ability to read reviews.

    Unfortunately, for the Altice Mini (which is the required cable box for the gigabit plan), I’m told I need an all-in-one modem & router gateway device. I’m finding devices that are too cheap and don’t support gigabit, devices that are too expensive, or devices that fall somewhere in-between and have mediocre reviews.

    Please help. I’m not a networks person, I spent several days researching the right modem and router for us and I need to return all of it. I don’t want to use their crappy, shady equipment.

    • First off, Anthony, some commenters stated that ARRIS and NETGEAR modems are able to work in their local regions even if they are not on Optimum’s official approved modem list.

      Second, a DOCSIS 3.1 modem is more expensive than DOCSIS 3.0 because it is considered a “premium feature”, while adding a WiFi router to that makes it even more expensive. Flat out, a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and router combo is just overall going to be more expensive. But you would eliminate the $10 fee each month, so eventually the device you purchase will pay for itself.

      You may want to verify with Optimum (you can use chat or call) that you can use the following device with your local address: the NETGEAR CAX80. It features a DOCSIS 3.1 modem combined with WiFi 6 (the latest WiFi standard). Yes, it is expensive, but this device offers the fastest speeds and efficiency.

      If you don’t ever need WiFi 6 for the future, you may go with the NETGEAR C7800. There are limited options when purchasing a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and WiFi router combo device.

      Update: the NETGEAR CAX80 Quick Start Guide states that Optimum supports the CAX80.

      • Thank you for all your useful posts.

        I wonder if you or anyone else has heard of any of these modems actually working with Optimum 1GB home internet service?

        I know I cannot use the ARRIS SB8200 because I also have a home phone line with Optimum and the ARRIS SB8200 does not have telephony ports.

        Right now I have the Ubee UBC1322 but it does not seem very reliable or quality equipment. I would also prefer to buy my own.

        Any advice on a modem that works with 1GB and phone line would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Optimum is installing a new Gateway, UBEE, Docsis 3.1 modem / router in my home.
    Is that a good modem? Should I let them install that?

    • Gary,

      Your Ubee device will probably look like a low-quality device, but you can try it out and see if it works for you. Personally, you should use your own device especially if you are paying a monthly fee for the Ubee equipment.

  15. At my wits end with the Optimum Gear we get and paying the rental fee. After reading through this thread I splurged on the NETGEAR CAX80 DOCSIS 3.1 modem and WiFi router combo. Live in North Jersey. Seems like based on this thread it will work. I am not a network savvy guy, just really annoyed by the crappy equipment and failing service. Any updates or advise is sooooo welcomed?

    • Keith,

      You can certainly give the NETGEAR CAX80 a shot. Optimum won’t guarantee it will work with their network since the device is not on their official approved modem list. You can try it, and if you buy it from Amazon, they have free returns if Optimum can’t activate the device for your household.

      The best advice that can be given is to contact Optimum directly and give them your street address and they can tell you if the CAX80 device will work. If the first response is not the answer you are looking for, contact them again and talk to somebody different. ISPs are known for for giving different responses based on the employee. Good luck, Keith.

      Update: the NETGEAR CAX80 Quick Start Guide states that Optimum supports the CAX80.

  16. Hi all,
    Optimum installed the Ubee 1322 piece of crap modem/router/voice and we have had nothing but issues of being dropped from the internet either hardwired or wifi but at various times and not on all devices, we can be on a tablet or phone, wifi drops but yet i am still on wifi with my laptop, cannot sign back in on the dropped device so we have to reset the modem…Optimum states there is nothing they can do to fix the issue? They say everyone on my street is on the same “channel” and the tech cannot change my channel?

    • Others have complained about the Ubee UBC1322 connection issues as well. You might want to try purchasing your own device. The NETGEAR CM1150V is a possibility even though it is not on the Optimum approved modem list. No router included, so you will need to purchase a wireless router separately if you go this route.

      If you don’t need voice, the NETGEAR CAX80 combines a DOCSIS 3.1 modem with a WiFi 6 router. Reviews on Amazon says this works for some people on Optimum.

      Here is one Reddit thread complaining about the issues they have with the Ubee UBC1322.

      Update: the NETGEAR CAX80 Quick Start Guide states that Optimum supports the CAX80.

  17. Wow, great info here. Thanks for this amazing site.

    Happen to stumble across this site when searching which modem I shall get to replace my existing Optimum/Arris TM1602 Model. (No I know you do not recommend it so I won’t bother replacing it with the same one).

    Now I did see you meantioned it has the intel chip which is a reason to avoid it. Not quite sure why optimum would rent that to their customers when it has a a flaw?

    Been paying for years the $10 fee, but I realized I’m crazy. There’s no need for that when I can buy one outright.

    So after going through this whole post it seems you have recommended a few different ones to buy.
    I have currently 400Mbs speed and will probably end up lowering it to 300mb to reduce the monthly bill as well.

    But have three floors in my home with 3 Google mesh Wi-Fis connected to my modem.

    There are a handful of devices that are connected to the internet at once and all basic to moderate use.
    With that basic info I gave you what would be my best bet with a modem? Thanks so much for helping out!

    Will definitely be sharing this site to others.

      • I hear, thanks for the reply.

        Though I’m just curious, if I keep my speeds at 400 will the one that is recommended for up to 300 MB still be fine? (CM500)

        Meaning what do you think for a three-four story home with anywhere between 5 and 10 people using the internet at any given time and one computer connected 3 Google mesh throughout the home, would you recommend 300mb or keep it at the 400 MB?

        • Stephen,

          Faster speed is nicer, but the price difference needs to be worth it to you. You will likely not notice much of a speed difference with all of those devices. The NETGEAR CM500 should give you about 370 Mbps download speed, which is close to 400 Mbps (based on Comcast’s speed info; Optimum does not offer speed info for devices, but should be close to Comcast’s info).

          If you are concerned about not getting the full speed at 400 Mbps, the NETGEAR CM600 is another device you can purchase.

  18. Pre-owned modems are not recommended as they may not have been deactivated from the previous users’ ISP account.

    I would assume if I could get it to work on my account that means I’m fine?

    • Correct, if you can activate it, it will be fine. Be aware using a pre-owned device could also be a fire hazard due to not knowing what the previous user or users did with modem.

      • Great site here. And great info.

        A neat feature would be to have a little small box to check off if you want to be notified via email when a new reply or comment on your post is made.

        • This feature was originally included on the site, but it was removed due to slower page loading times. Since most people don’t need a subscription feature and everyone needing fast page load times, the subscription feature was deleted. You can bookmark the page and check back when needed.

  19. I have signed up for Gigabit internet with Optimum, but it appears that the modem that they are going to give me is the Arris TM1602, which has the Intel Puma bug. I have a VOIP phone (Ooma) and so need a Docsis 3.0 or 3.1 modem that can work with Ooma. Are there any available gigibit modems work with VOIP and which don’t have the Intel chip? Also, what makes a modem compatible or incompatible with VOIP?

    • Since you are using your own Ooma device for phone service, you do not require a VoIP modem. You just need an internet connection to your Ooma device (either wired directly from your router or through WiFi depending on what Ooma model you have). Because you have Gigabit internet service, you will want a DOCSIS 3.1 modem to take advantage of the speed you are paying for at Optimum. The best option for you, Thomas, is the NETGEAR CM1000. If you need a modem and WiFi router combo unit, the pricier NETGEAR CAX80 is an option.

      A VoIP modem has the telephone functionality built-in (telephone ports included in the modem). Your Ooma device has this built-in already, so there is no need for a VoIP modem. Hope that helps you, Thomas.

  20. I feel like an ass, I have been paying $10/month for 5 years to rent an Arris TM 802G from Optimum, yeah, $600.

    I just got rid of their TV service and am only streaming TV with the 200mbs service and have 2 telephone lines. No business or gaming, single user.

    I can buy the same modem for about $60 online but it seems outdated, only 8×4 and Docsis 3.0.

    As long as I’m going to buy my own can you make a recommendation? The only ones listed above with VOIP as the slow Arris and the faster Arris has the bad chipset.


    • Rob, unfortunately, your stuck with what Optimum officially supports. The NETGEAR modems that offer voice capabilities are only supported by Comcast’s voice services. Until Optimum upgrades their network to allow more modern devices with voice capabilities to be used, you must use an old outdated modem.

      Something to think about – do you really need voice? Another option is to ditch voice with Optimum and get an Ooma device. Then you can just purchase a normal modem without voice, and let the Ooma device handle phone calls.

  21. We pulled the plug on the Optimum tv portion of our service and upgraded to the 300Mps internet. An Arris TM1602 arrived 5 days later to replace my TM822. I chatted with customer service and asked if the new modem had the bad chipset. The rep left to check and after 20 min. I was timed out and restarted the entire process. Are there any options to improve the security issues?

    • Tom C, the only way to truly improve the bad chipset is to use a device that does not have the bad Intel Puma chipset. It is as simple as that. If you are using the ARRIS TM1602 because you need phone service, you would be better off getting rid of Optimum phone service and use an Ooma device (handles residential phone calls). Then you can purchase a normal non-Intel Puma chipset modem (no voice).

  22. Greetings I picked up a Netgear CM-1000 over the weekend and after 45 mins on the phone with optimum I was able to get it activated. The extremely nice woman on the phone stated they have a little trouble activating Netgear modems and apologized many times for the long hold. But it was worth the wait. I was using the ARRIS TM-1602 from optimum that I needed to reset almost daily to keep a decent speed. Also the upload was horrible compared to now with the Netgear. I’m paying for a 400 Mb service. (Wired if you read the fine print) The Arris gave me 400 down and 5 up at best wired. 360 down and 1.5 up wireless. The Netgear is giving me 420 down and 25 up wired, 375 down and 25 up wireless. And I’m saving $10. (After my $170. I paid for the new modem) and knock wood no resets everyday. Being I installed it this morning that remains to be seen. I can’t wait to see off peak speeds tonight.

    • Unfortunately you are stuck with the three outdated ARRIS modems listed above (and the ARRIS TM1602 contains the horrible Intel Puma chipset, so you really want to avoid that). Evaluate whether you really need voice. If you do, an Ooma device may be a better option for you, John. You would just need a modem only (no VoIP needed) to work with an Ooma device.

  23. I can confirm that the Netgear Nighthawk CAX80 works with Optimum (I technically have Altice). I am in North Jersey. I took about 48 hours though to get it working between a couple support calls with Optimum and with Netgear. I have 1gig plan with Optimum and am experiencing over 900Mb/s (down) when connected via ethernet. Wireless varies. I am in a condo where EVERYONE is forced to utilize optimum so unfortunately peak times can impact speeds but consistently getting 400+ Mb/s wireless anywhere is condo is sweet.

    To be fair i was using the Ubee UBC1322 and the speeds were comparable (little less for wireless) but my issue was with holding a steady connection in at other end of my condo. Only about 30 feet. Was annoying. The CAX80 was not dropped connection once (yet). Highly recommend it if you have the 1gig plan with Optimum.

  24. Hello,
    I live in Brooklyn, NY, and have the 1 Gig plan from Optimum. Right now I’m renting their modem/router, UBC 1326, but would like to get my own modem to use with the Eero wifi system. Every time I contact Optimum support I get a different response, but it looks like any router with 16 or 24 channels and DOCSIS 3.0, should be compatible. The problem is that I can not find a modem, or even a router, that has those specs and can handle speeds up to 1 Gig. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • First, if you need phone service, the Ubee UBC1326 is going to be the best device to use. If you don’t need phone service, you only need a DOCSIS 3.1 modem since you have the 1 Gig plan. Your eero mesh WiFi system is your router. You can use any router with your modem. Antonio, options for you for DOCSIS 3.1 modems are the NETGEAR CM1000 (up to 1 Gig speeds) or the NETGEAR CM1200 (up to 2 Gig speeds).

  25. I recently upgraded to 1 Gig service (from 400Mbps) and purchased a Netgear CM1000v2. It’s working fine but I’m only getting around 800 Mbps. I noticed in the modem status that only 28 of the 32 downstream channels are provisioned. Is that correct or should all 32 channels be active?


    • A quick search for similar issues shows that you may have one OFDM channel (DOCSIS 3.1) operating along with the 28 channels (DOCSIS 3.0). Not going to pretend to understand your situation and what is connected from the cable line to your home. This can get quite technical, so you may want to ask this question to the knowledgeable people over at DSLReports (Optimum). Some are even employees of internet providers that can offer much better expertise of modem issues with channel bonding and possible issues with your cable line.

      Optimum may be limiting your provisioning. But you should definitely be receiving faster speeds than what you are achieving. There could be a channel filter device on the cable line, which can block modem channels (cable tech will need to remove this). Other steps you can try: unplug the modem, reset the modem, or it may require a tech visit for a full analysis of your cable line and modem. Good luck, Jeff.

  26. Just a suggestion for anyone looking to get their own Modem/Router Combo for Optimum/Altice. I live in the North Jersey area (close to NYC), and just purchased the Motorola MG8702 Modem/Router with DOCSIS 3.1.
    It is working great, and I’m getting speeds up to 800 Mbps. Here’s the link to the router. Hope this helps.

    • The Motorola MG8702 may not work in all areas, but will probably work in the New York area. Thanks for the comment, Mike P.

  27. I was shopping for a modem to get the $10 a month rental charge off of my bill from optimum and was sent this page, but none were available at my local Best Buy… shocker. So I went to Twitter to the optimum help account and they asked me to DM them with my issue. After a long useless conversation… I was basically told the only modem I could buy to get rid of that charge was the same modem I’ve been paying for for the last 4 years. Another $150 for the same piece of crap I already have. I go to a store and there is a wall full of modems and I can’t use any of them. What else is there to do?

    • You can purchase from the links in the chart above for approved modems for Optimum. Amazon offers all the modems you can use on Optimum’s network. Optimum reps will try to keep you paying that rental fee; purchase your own modem to save money, Rocco.

  28. Sooo it seems the Optimum reps(talk to 7 different reps) give a list of only 3 approved modems but stated that any 3.0 DOCSIS or higher should work. Doesn’t matter which router. Can someone here let me know if the TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Router (Archer A5) paired with either of these is good for Optimum

    Motorola DOCSIS 3.1 mod #MB8600
    Arris Surfboard mod #SB6190
    Or recommend another

    • Maurice, stay away from the ARRIS SB6190; it contains a defective Intel Puma 6 chipset. The Motorola MB8600 is the top recommended modem, but reviews are mixed on whether it actually works for your residence (reviews state it only works for some Optimum users).

      If a DOCSIS 3.1 modem is what you are aiming for, the NETGEAR CM1200 or NETGEAR CM2000 are your best choices and are approved for Optimum services. A DOCSIS 3.1 modem will offer many years of service compared to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, which is starting to be phased out by ISPs.

  29. Hi, and thanks for creating this list and for everyone’s posts! One question I have is why certain modems will work in some areas and not other areas. This part does that make sense to me. Can someone explain why geography, all the way down to what street you live on, matters? I thought if you buy the modem with the fastest speed that it can take in speeds that are permitted on the network up to the speeds determined by that specific modem, no matter how slow it is in that area.

    • Technically, if a modem is on the approved modem list for an internet service provider (ISP), it should work on their network regardless of what neighborhood somebody lives at in the USA. However, that is not always the case. Laziness and human error are factors. For example, if a service rep can’t figure out why a certain modem doesn’t work, they may just state it is not approved for their network (even though it should be). The rep may not deal with the hassle of a defective device. Some neighborhoods have not been upgraded yet. Some areas don’t have access to DOCSIS 3.1 speeds, so using a DOCSIS 3.1 modem in these areas will force a DOCSIS 3.1 modem to operate in DOCSIS 3.0 mode until that neighborhood is upgraded to faster speeds. So a certain modem may not receive the speed you are paying for in this situation.

      Talking to reps on the phone may also state a modem will not work in your area because they do not have the correct information in front of them. Big companies with many employees can give wrong information. It is always smart to talk to another customer rep if you do not get the answer you are looking for from any company.

      In regards to the speed of the modem, older DOCSIS 3.0 modems are always listed with “inflated” speeds that a modem can not achieve due to various factors. For example, a modem with a stated speed of 686 Mbps, will probably only actually max out at about 373 Mbps. DOCSIS 3.1 modems are sometimes better at stating the actual speeds you should receive (although that is not always the case).

      Ideally, if an ISP has a modem on their approved modem list, it should work. But incompetent employees from the local office or any of many other factors could be the result of some modems not working in certain locations.

    • Taj, the NETGEAR CM1150V is certified for Comcast XFINITY only. It is highly unlikely you will get it to activate with Optimum. If you require phone service, an option for you is to buy a non-phone modem and combine that with an Ooma device. An Ooma device uses your internet connection to offer you phone service without being tied to an internet provider’s phone service.

  30. Just wanted to post here that the Motorola MB8611 does not currently work with Optimum in my area (central NJ) – I have gigabit service. I tried activating two of these modems together with Optimum tech support, but neither worked. Both modems appeared to be connected but could not be detected by Optimum. I called Motorola tech support and they suggested that even though the modem meets the specifications posted by Optimum, there could be an incompatibility. Perhaps Optimum has to push a compatible firmware update? Hope this helps someone who is thinking about using this modem with Optimum.

    • Thanks for providing this info, ilike2win. There is not a lot of proof of Motorola modems working with Optimum, so that brand of devices do not appear on the approved modem list for Optimum.

  31. So here is this woman coming on to ask what is probably a common sense answer. Living in Jackson, NJ is like living in dial up land. Close to the Jersey Shore. My internet is 300. And whatever those little letters are next to it. You guys know what I’m talking about. If I were to buy a DOCSIS 3.1 but Optimum hasn’t done that yet, will the 3.1 work as a 3.0? Or am I better off just going to a 3.0. Or am I making any darn sense myself?
    Thank you in advance

    • Carol, you are correct. If you purchase a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, and Optimum does not offer DOCSIS 3.1 in your neighborhood yet, your modem will still work in DOCSIS 3.0 mode. Buying a DOCSIS 3.1 modem now is about future-proofing since DOCSIS 3.1 is backwards compatible with DOCSIS 3.0. And you avoid the hassle of having to purchase and setup another modem in the future for DOCSIS 3.1 if you buy a DOCSIS 3.1 modem now.

    • While Optimum states that “there are many DOCSIS-certified models that are compatible”, only those listed above in the Optimum approved modem list are confirmed to work on their network. The Ubee UBC1301-AA00 may work in your area, but you will want to contact your local Optimum office to verify the device will activate in your neighborhood.

  32. Thanks for this amazing resource, it is very helpful. I’m located in Brooklyn and just upgraded to 1GIG service and purchased a Netgear CM1000 modem (DOCSIS 3.1 rated for 1Gbps). Unfortunately the agents were not able to activate the modem – or, they activated it but it was never able to connect to the internet. Others have recommended the CM1100 but would that work if the CM1000 wouldn’t? Is this a case of certain things working in certain neighborhoods? Are there any recommendations for a modem may work with 1GIG service in Brooklyn?

  33. Hi! I’m in CT (near Bridgeport), and we have faster 500Mbps – 1Gbps speeds available. Since Frontier’s fiber network is moving in to the area, I was able to call Optimum and negotiate a better speed AND a better price, but my existing Arris modem/router couldn’t handle the faster speed. So I took a chance on the Arris Surfboard SB8200, and–good news–it connected to Optimum and activated with no problems at all. (I also made a huge upgrade with a TP-Link AX21 wireless router.) So all is well.

    Ooma users, please note: if you have any speed higher than 100, do not run your internet through your Ooma Telo, at least not if you have an older model (mine has an “internet in” and “home network out”. Doing so reduces speed down to 100 or less. Instead, I just connected my Telo to a port on my new router.

  34. As of 9/30/21
    If you choose to purchase your modem elsewhere, there are
    many DOCSIS-certified models that are compatible with Optimum Online. However, they don’t include tech support, including malfunction or upgrade equipment replacements.
    Compatible Modems:
    •Arris TM804
    •Arris TM1602
    •Arris TM 822
    •Arris TM1672

    • All of these devices are listed on Optimum’s approved modem list except for the ARRIS TG1672G (often times referred to as a typo on Optimum’s old modem lists – it is not a TM1672). The TG1672G was removed from official support in April 2019. Thanks, Jimmcg.

  35. Sorry once again. After digging a bit further on the Optimum site I found this. The earlier info was from their Bot chat

    Modems: Using Your Modem

    Motorola SBV6220* Arris TM804G**
    Cisco DPQ3212* Arris TM822G**
    Arris 1602**

    **Mod note: edited for content (overload of content).

    • The ARRIS models are on the approved modem list for Optimum. The other two modems are old and really should not be used anyway. There is a previous comment with a longer list of mostly end-of-life devices here for Optimum. Customers should really consider newer devices than these antiquated modems.

      The Motorola SBV6220 was removed from official support in April 2019 as well.

  36. I have optimum 1G and experiencing internet drops. It start to work after I reboot the modem. Can someone recommend me a good modem ?

  37. Hi, I am moving into a new home in Passaic County, NJ and I only have access to Optimum. I have signed up for their 1 Gig service (only Internet plan, no phone, no TV)and I want to use my own modem. What would be your recommendation on the best modem out there that is compatible with Optimum? I originally was going to purchase the Motorola MB8600 cable modem but I am reading mixed reviews about compatibility. Thanks!

  38. Hi, have any of you setup call forwarding through Optimum’s site and tried using a modem that does not support VoIp? I have all calls forwarded to my cell phone and still get calls after unplugging phone line from modem. Hoping this works.

  39. Hi I live on long island, zip code 11951. i used to use optimums modem/router combo. it did give me 900+ mbps since i pay for the 1 gig plan but only on my hardwired laptop. the wifi otherwise was horrible, constantly dropping. so i returnd their device and set up a netgear cm1200 modem with a netgear r7000 router. From the router i have a switch which leads to my laptop and other devices. my connection is much more stable and equal as far as wireless and hardwired goes BUT my speed has dropped to about 260-280 mbps all around whereas i used to get 600 wireless and 900 wired with the optimum device when it did work. as far as im aware the modem is activated properly as i had a tech come and do it. i have LAG disabled on the modem. from what i can tell, everything is correct with my routers settings and the issue lies somewhere between optimum and my cm1200. is there anything i can try or any settings i can tweak to regain my high internet speeds? thank you in advance.

    • nineD4kid, some things to check are which firmware version is your modem? Also update your NETGEAR R7000 firmware if possible. Optimum updates your modem automatically. You have to update your router manually. You can eliminate any possible equipment problems by disconnecting your router and switch and verifying speeds with a modem only. Your switch may be defective, for example.

        • At this point, there are two ways to attack this issue. One, have a service tech check your cable line for issues. However, you stated an Optimum provided device gave you faster speeds, so the likelihood of a failing cable line is low. The other course of action, may be your modem is defective. If it is still under warranty, you can have it serviced. Or purchase a different modem. Or borrow one from a friend to verify speeds with a different device if possible.

  40. I just upgraded to Optimum 1000 MPbs Plan. They are sending me a modem to complete the upgrade. But I can send it right back after I get the box. Since I am getting my own modem. I am getting the
    DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem (CM2000)

    Nighthawk® Multi-Gig 2.5Gbps Cable Modem

    Is this worth buying for the data plan I upgraded to? I am avoiding monthly fees and also can I use it with any other cable internet provider. When I move out of NY to Orlando in 7 years?

    Thank you
    Have a nice day

    • The NETGEAR CM2000 (currently on sale for $200 at Amazon) is the perfect modem for you, nyirishman1877. It offers the fastest speed of 2.5 Gig. While no ISP offers that speed right now, you will be ready for it in future years. While the CM2000 will certainly allow you to receive your 1 Gig speed for your current plan, you also don’t have to buy a new modem when new speed tiers are created in the future by whatever ISP you are with at that time. So, yes, the NETGEAR CM2000 is a really good choice.

  41. I have Optimum in NJ (07110) with separate optimum branded modem and router. Looking to save space and cables by getting a modem with router integration (all-in-one) for around $150 max. I work from home M-F and do a lot of gaming. Can anyone recommend some options? Thanks!

  42. Are there any Netgear Mesh systems like the ORBI 860 series that would work? I struggle with coverage throughout my home so I was hoping to try a mesh system.

    Thank you!

    • To be clear, T Glover, any stand-alone router will work with Optimum. Only modems need to be approved for use. Any mesh router system should work for your needs. So, yes, any mesh router system may help with your coverage needs.

  43. Just tried to get a Motorola MG7700 activated in Southern California. All lights lit up correctly but got no internet. Reset the modem and rep re-installed but still no go. Have to go back to my Motorola SURFboard SBG6782-AC but it’s not fast enough for the current 500mbps plan and it’s been having authentication issues pretty constantly lately. I would rather not rent one from them so if anyone knows another model I can try I would sure appreciate it.

  44. Hello, I have Optimum 300/20 and have their terrible rental gateway combo. I tried and failed twice on the phone with tech support in the past month to get my old Arris SB6141 registered in their system. Gave them both the HFC MAC ID and CUSTOMER S/N and still modem can’t connect to internet. Tech support very nice and tried hard, but no go. I used this old SB6141 for years flawlessly with Spectrum many years ago. What am I missing?

    • Did you deactivate the modem from Spectrum, Bob? This really would only be a problem if the SB6141 was registered by someone else on Optimum’s network before you tried to recently activate it. It may simply be that the modem is too old. It is one of the earliest DOCSIS 3.0 modems. Eventually, every internet provider will be supporting DOCSIS 3.1 modems only. Optimum may be choosing to longer activate older modems, Bob.

      • Modem Gurus, thanks for your reply. No I never deactivated from Spectrum. I simply canceled service with Spectrum many years ago. And your other question: no, the modem was never registered on Optimum by anyone else. If it’s not one of those 2 issues, then I guess it’s probably too old to be activated as you mentioned. Any recommendations for a new modem under $100?

        • Any new DOCSIS 3.1 modem is going to be over $100. That is just the way items are priced in today’s market. Suggestions for possible modem replacements listed below. Prices are at the time this comment was posted. Beware of purchasing from third-party sellers, as they often like to sell items as new, when they are actually used. A modem already registered to someone else’s account, will make it unable to activate for your needs.

          NETGEAR CM500 $60 – only a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, Optimum could end-of-life the device at any time
          ARRIS SB8200 $138.98 – DOCSIS 3.1 modem, 1 Gig max speed
          ARRIS S33 $199 – DOCSIS 3.1 modem, 2.5 Gig max speed

          The cheapest DOCSIS 3.1 modem is the Hitron CODA $99.99, but unfortunately, it includes a bad Intel Puma 7 chipset. Puma 7 is not as bad as the Puma 6, but it is a massive risk to use when connection issues could randomly popup throughout the years of use. You don’t want your internet connection to be frustrating, do you? So, there is a risk in utilizing this device. Hopefully, this info will help with your decision.

  45. Modem Gurus, thanks so much for the helpful info! You’re right that any new and good DOCSIS 3.1 modem will be over $100. With your recommendations, I eliminated the Netgear CM500 since it’s DOCSIS 3.0, and researched only the SB8200 and S33.

    The S33 is newer, but I read the S33 has problems dissipating heat, probably due to its taller design without holes on the side. On the other hand, the SB8200 has the same shape as my old trusted SB6141, with holes everywhere for heat dissipation. The only other major difference of 2.5Gbps vs 1Gbps doesn’t matter to me.

    Have you heard of the heat issue on the S33? If I mostly care about reliability, and there are no other differences, is the SB8200 actually the better choice?


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