RCN Approved Modems

RCN is a different ISP (internet service provider). You must meet RCN’s requirements in choosing a modem for their internet service, because they do not offer an actual RCN approved modems list. If you meet RCN’s following qualifications, a modem should work on their network.

  • At least 8 Downstream Channels
  • DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1 certified
  • Cannot be an eMTA (telephone adapter); phone service requires a RCN provided eMTA in addition to a compatible modem
  • Currently not compatible with the RCN network: Motorola MB8600 and the NETGEAR C7800 DOCSIS 3.1 modems

The modems listed on this page carry the minimum modem requirements for RCN internet service.

Read the Cable Modem Buying Guide to help you choose a modem. Do not forget to purchase your modem accessories.

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Last Updated: October 1, 2019

RCN Approved Modems for October 2019

Best Modem Value

NETGEAR CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 RCN Approved Modems
NETGEAR CM500 Cable Modem



Model #NETGEAR CM500
Download Speed680 Mbps
Channel Bonding16 Download & 4 Upload
WiFi RouterNo
VoIP Telephone AdapterNo

Best WIFI Modem

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 C7000 WiFi Router DOCSIS 3.0 RCN Approved Modems
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 C7000 WiFi Router Cable Modem



Model #NETGEAR C7000
Download Speed960 Mbps
Channel Bonding24 Download & 8 Upload
WiFi RouterYes
VoIP Telephone AdapterNo

Full RCN Approved Modem List

The Modems Listed Below Are All DOCSIS 3.0 Modems
* Indicates a DOCSIS 3.1 Modem
♦ Indicates an Intel Puma Chipset Defect – Do Not Buy

Note: ✅ means Yes, ❌ means No

BrandModel #ChannelsMax SpeedVoIPWiFi
ARRISCM8200*32×85 Gbps
ARRISDG2460 ♦24×8960 Mbps
ARRISSB61418×4343 Mbps
ARRISSB61808×4343 Mbps
ARRISSB61828×4343 Mbps
ARRISSB618316×4686 Mbps
ARRISSB6190 ♦32×81.4 Gbps
ARRISSB8200*32×810 Gbps
ARRISSBG10 ♦16×4686 Mbps
ARRISSBG64008×4343 Mbps
ARRISSBG65808×4343 Mbps
ARRISSBG6700-AC8×4343 Mbps
ARRISSBG6782-AC8×4343 Mbps
ARRISSBG6900-AC16×4686 Mbps
ARRISSBG6950AC2 ♦16×4686 Mbps
ARRISSBG7400AC2 ♦24×81.0 Gbps
ARRISSBG7580-AC ♦32×81.4 Gbps
ARRISSBG7600AC2 ♦32×81.4 Gbps
ASUSCM-1616×4686 Mbps
ASUSCM-32 ♦32×81.3 Gbps
Cisco/LinksysDPC30088×4340 Mbps
CiscoDPC30108×4343 Mbps
CiscoDPC38258×4340 Mbps
D-LinkDCM-3018×4343 Mbps
LinksysCG7500 ♦24×8960 Mbps
LinksysCM30088×4343 Mbps
LinksysCM3016 ♦16×4686 Mbps
LinksysCM3024 ♦24×8960 Mbps
MotorolaMB72208×4343 Mbps
MotorolaMB742016×4686 Mbps
MotorolaMB762124×81 Gbps
MotorolaMG73108×4343 Mbps
MotorolaMG73158×4343 Mbps
MotorolaMG754016×4686 Mbps
MotorolaMG755016×4686 Mbps
MotorolaMG770024×81 Gbps
NETGEARC3000-100NAS8×4340 Mbps
NETGEARC3000v28×4340 Mbps
NETGEARC3700-100NAS8×4340 Mbps
NETGEARC3700v28×4340 Mbps
NETGEARC62208×4340 Mbps
NETGEARC625016×4680 Mbps
NETGEARC6300 ♦16×4680 Mbps
NETGEARC6300v2 ♦16×4680 Mbps
NETGEARC6300BD ♦8×4320 Mbps
NETGEARC690024×8960 Mbps
NETGEARC700024×8960 Mbps
NETGEARC7000v224×8960 Mbps
NETGEARC750024×8960 Mbps
NETGEARCG3000D8×4343 Mbps
NETGEARCG3000Dv2 N4508×4340 Mbps
NETGEARCG4500BD8×4320 Mbps
NETGEARCM4008×4340 Mbps
NETGEARCM50016×4680 Mbps
NETGEARCM60024×8960 Mbps
NETGEARCM700 ♦32×81.4 Gbps
NETGEARCM1000*32×86 Gbps
NETGEARCM1000v2*32×86 Gbps
NETGEARCM1100*32×810 Gbps
NETGEARCBR40 ♦32×81.4 Gbps
SMCD3CM160416×4640 Mbps
TP-LinkARCHER CR50016×4680 Mbps
TP-LinkARCHER CR70016×4680 Mbps
TP-LinkCR190024×81 Gbps
TP-LinkTC-76108×4343 Mbps
TP-LinkTC-762016×4680 Mbps
TP-LinkTC765024×81 Gbps
TP-LinkTC-W79608×4343 Mbps
UbeeDDW3658×4343 Mbps
UbeeDDW3668×4343 Mbps
Zoom5341J8×4343 Mbps
Zoom53458×4343 Mbps
Zoom53508×4343 Mbps
Zoom53528×4343 Mbps
Zoom53548×4343 Mbps
Zoom53608×4343 Mbps
Zoom53638×4343 Mbps
Zoom537016×4686 Mbps
ZyxelCDA-303608×4320 Mbps

Channels: first # refers to downstream channels, second # refers to upstream channels (e.g. 16×4, means 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels)
The more channels, the faster the speed

Max Speed: refers to the theoretical maximum download speed

VoIP: indicates if the modem has telephone capability

WiFi: indicates if the modem has WiFi capability

RCN Company Information

RCN Phone Support: 1-800-746-4726
RCN Email (Chat)
RCN Service Centers
RCN Support

RCN Facebook
RCN Twitter
RCN YouTube

RCN serves the following areas: Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Approved Modems Helpful Resources

33 thoughts on “RCN Approved Modems”

    1. Yes, the NETGEAR C6300BD is compatible with RCN, but it is advised that you do not purchase this modem gateway. This network device contains an Intel Puma chipset, which may give you problems. You can read more about Intel Puma Chipset Defects here. You should pick a different modem.

    1. Hi David,

      As stated at the top of the page (bullet list), RCN requires you to use their eMTA (telephone adapter). You can still use your own modem with RCN’s eMTA. Thanks for the question.

    1. Thanks Felipe for the question.

      Yes, the ARRIS SBG10 will work with RCN’s internet service. It is both a modem and WiFi router. However, you should avoid purchasing the ARRIS SBG10 as it contains an Intel Puma chipset. You can read more about the problems with this chipset on the Intel Puma 6 Modem List Chipset Defects page.

      You should really pick a different device for a hassle free experience. The NETGEAR C7000 is highly recommended.

  1. Does RCN support netgear CM1150V-100NAS.
    It has phone support, so I assume you would also need an eMTA adapter.
    Does that mean you have to pay for VOIP?

    1. Yes, RCN should support the NETGEAR CM1150V-100NAS since it has at least 8 downstream channels. But since you will need to pay for a separate RCN eMTA device for phone service (verify the cost of the eMTA with RCN for your area), the CM1150V is an expensive device just to use as a modem with 4 ethernet ports. Unless you plan on using the device with another ISP in the future, you would be better off choosing a cheaper modem to use for RCN service.

      Yes, you will have to use RCN’s eMTA device for phone service. There will be a cost for “renting” the eMTA plus the cost for the phone service itself (based on what package you order – phone, TV, internet).

      The RCN eMTA also contains a modem, but you will be stuck with whatever performance they give you instead of choosing your own device.

    1. Unfortunately, no, Chris. The NETGEAR C7800 Nighthawk X4S DOCSIS 3.1 Ultra-High Speed WiFi Cable Modem Router Combo is one of only two modems that RCN has specifically stated is NOT compatible with their network (please see the forth bullet point at the top of the page).

      RCN has been trying for months to get the C7800 certified. Sorry, Chris, you will have to choose another device.

  2. Is the Netgear CM700 compatible? It seems to work fine most of the time, but I’m having issues getting downstream channels periodically.

    1. Yes, James, the NETGEAR CM700 is compatible, but you are mostly likely encountering the Intel Puma chipset defect. You can read about the issues in the link provided.

      In short, you should avoid the CM700. You may want to purchase a different modem.

  3. I have a MOTOROLA MT7711 that I bought for Comcast – disregarding the VoIP feature, can it be used for RCN? Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, Andy, the Motorola MT7711 will work with RCN if you disregard the VoIP functionality. Thanks for the question.

      1. AC1200 just refers to the speed of the WiFi, which NETGEAR has several devices that operate at Internet connection combined speeds of 1200 Mbps. You may be referring to the NETGEAR C6220, which is a modem and router combo unit. And yes, Daniel, it is approved for use on RCN’s network.

        Thanks for asking. Did that answer your question?

        1. A caveat to that answer… I have one and on moving service from one address 2 block away in Chicago the modem stopped working, despite both RCN service. Apparently the Netgear model I purchased on Amazon, a brand new in the box, was originally a Comcast ordered version. It locked out at the new address and even after factory reset continuously went to “Ready to start your xfinity service” screen on every website after modem / WiFi router initialization. $120 down drain as RCN said that type of lockout of other providers is common with xfinity and other major provider s

    1. Yes, they are both approved. The NETGEAR CM1000-100NAS means it is a regular NETGEAR retail box. The CM1000-1AZNAS means it is an Amazon packaged box (most likely frustration-free or easy open). The devices in the boxes are the same.

      Thanks for the question, Pedro.

    1. Hello SG,

      No, it is not. The Actiontec GT784WNV is a DSL device. RCN requires a cable modem device – a DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1 modem to be precise.

  4. Hi ModemGurus, the Arris SURFboard SB8200 is not yet on your list. It doesn’t have the Intel Puma chip, which is good, but would this modem be compatible with RCN? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jen,

      Yes, the ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 is compatible with the RCN network. The SB8200 is on the RCN approved modem list and as you said, it does NOT contain the Intel Puma chipset.

      Thanks for the question.

  5. Hello, I am deciding between this two, which one would you recommend for RCN compatibility? Netgear N900 Dual Band Gigabit WIFI Router (CG4500BD) or NETGEAR – N450 WiFi Cable Modem Router (CG3000D v2)?
    Thank you!

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