Mediacom Approved Modems

Looking at the Mediacom approved modems, you have a few good choices. Highly regarded modems like the NETGEAR CM1000 and the ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 should be considered for purchase.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2020

Mediacom Approved Modems for September 2020

Best DOCSIS 3.1 Modem

NETGEAR CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 Mediacom Approved Modems
NETGEAR CM1000 Cable Modem

Model #NETGEAR CM1000
Download Speed6 Gbps
Channel Bonding32 Download & 8 Upload
WiFi RouterNo
VoIP Telephone AdapterNo

Best Modem Value

ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Mediacom Approved Modems
ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 Cable Modem
Model #ARRIS SURFboard SB6183
Download Speed686 Mbps
Channel Bonding16 Download & 4 Upload
ColorWhite or Black
WiFi RouterNo
VoIP Telephone AdapterNo

Full Mediacom Approved Modem List

The Modems Listed Below Are All DOCSIS 3.0 Modems
* Indicates a DOCSIS 3.1 Modem
♦ Indicates an Intel Puma Chipset Defect – Do Not Buy

Note: ✅ means Yes, ❌ means No

BrandModel #ChannelsMax SpeedVoIPWiFi
ARRISSB61214×4172 Mbps
ARRISSB61418×4343 Mbps
ARRISSB618316×4686 Mbps
ARRISSB6190 ♦32×81.4 Gbps
ARRISSB8200*32×810 Gbps
MotorolaMB72208×4343 Mbps
MotorolaMB742016×4686 Mbps
MotorolaMB8600*32×83.8 Gbps
NETGEARCM1000*32×86 Gbps
NETGEARCM1100*32×82 Gbps

Channels: first # refers to downstream channels, second # refers to upstream channels (e.g. 16×4, means 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels)
The more channels, the faster the speed

Max Speed: refers to the theoretical maximum download speed

VoIP: indicates if the modem has telephone capability

WiFi: indicates if the modem has WiFi capability

Mediacom Approved Modems Added in November 2018
Motorola MB7220
Motorola MB7420
Motorola MB8600

Mediacom Company Information

Mediacom Phone Support: 1-844-987-3260
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Mediacom serves 22 states.

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6 thoughts on “Mediacom Approved Modems”

  1. What 3.1 modems does mediacom support? Why do I need to rent 3.1 modem from you and have you install?
    Upload speeds with mediacom are very slow.

    • Hello Mike,

      First of all, Mediacom does not operate this site. You will need to contact them for support issues (side note, you do not need to rent a modem – buy your own modem to save money). is a site that pulls information on certified modems for ISPs. The point of this website is to save people money on purchasing their own modems instead of renting, which is a big waste of dollars.

      As for the DOCSIS 3.1 modems Mediacom supports, please check the list below. These modems are also indicated in the the list above with a * after the modem model #.

      ARRIS SB8200
      Motorola MB8600
      NETGEAR CM1000
      NETGEAR CM1100

      Thanks for the question, Mike.

  2. I have Mediacom and want to buy my own modem/router with VoIP and WiFi capabilities, are their any available that I can purchase?

  3. I have a Netgear Nighthawk X6
    AC 3200 Tri-Band WiFi Router. Model R8000.
    Will this replace my modem from mediacom and my old router ?


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