Intel Puma 6 Modem List Chipset Defects

Welcome to the Intel Puma 6 modem list chipset defects explanation page. Below you will find information on what the Puma 6 problem is, the modems to avoid purchasing, and the class action lawsuit.

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Intel Puma 6 Defect Explained

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Do Not Buy Intel Chipset Modems

Intel’s Puma 6 chipset included in several cable modems is defective as it allows high spikes in network latency quite often (slow web page loading, for example). These severe network latency spikes interfere with online gaming, streaming video, or simply surfing the web. Network jitter (variable latency) also causes problems.

The Puma 6 modems suffer from both latency and jitter. Some firmware updates have only temporarily fixed the problem and it seems Intel has no real fix for the issue. Consequently, these bad internet connections landed cable modem maker ARRIS in trouble with a pending lawsuit filed in California.

Puma 6 Defect Lawsuit

The Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe law firm has begun an investigation into the issues and has filed a class action lawsuit for consumers of affected modems. If you own one of the affected modems (listed below), you can file your issues and get alerts to any possible legal action against Intel and the cable modem brands (particularly ARRIS). On the Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe Puma 6 Chipset Defect page, you can check out the full lawsuit details.

Easiest Way to Spot a Defective Puma 6 Modem

ARRIS SB6190 Intel Puma 6 Modem List
See this Intel logo on a modem package? Avoid buying these potentially defective modems.

Looking at the cable modem package is the easiest way to find if a modem is potentially defective. If you see an Intel logo on the box, stay away from it. Reports of the Puma 7 chipsets may also be defective, so the best thing to do is avoid any cable modem with Intel inside.

Note: not all Intel Puma chipset modems will have an Intel logo on the front of the modem package.

Some bad modems like the NETGEAR CM700 and NETGEAR C6300 do not have Intel logos on the front of their modem packages. Therefore, read the Intel Puma 6 modem list below to avoid purchasing a possibly defective modem.

While Intel has issues with the Puma chipsets, Broadcom chipsets (produced by Broadcom Inc.) suffer no connection problems at all. For example, you can feel safe using a modem like the Motorola MB7621 or NETGEAR CM600 as those devices use a Broadcom chipset.

Intel Puma 6 Modem List – Do Not Buy These Cable Modems

Do not buy these modems to avoid current and future problems with the Intel Puma chipsets. This list contains residential modems, business modems, and non-certified modems (ISPs may not not approve these devices in your local region). The following list includes Intel Puma 7 chipset modems as well (for those that want to avoid any potential issues with the latest chipsets from Intel).

Note: stand-alone routers do not contain Intel Puma chipsets.

ARRIS TG2472 (TG2472G)
Cisco DPC3848
Cisco DPC3848V
Compal Broadband Networks CH7466
FRITZ!Box 6430
FRITZ!Box 6460
FRITZ!Box 6490
FRITZ!Box 6590
Hitron CDA-32372
Hitron CDE-32372
Hitron CDA3
Hitron CDA3-20
Hitron CDA3-35
Hitron CGN3
Hitron CGN3ACR
Hitron CGN3AMF
Hitron CGN3AMR
Hitron CGN3M35
Hitron CGNM-2250
Hitron (CGNM) CGNM-2252
Hitron CGNM-3550
Hitron CGNM-3552
Hitron CGNV4
Hitron CGNVM-2559
Hitron CGNVM-3580
Hitron CGNVM-3582
Hitron CGNVM-3589
Hitron CHITA
Hitron CODA
Hitron CODA D3.1
Hitron CODA-S12
Hitron CODA-45
Hitron CODA-4502
Hitron CODA-4580
Hitron CODA-4582
Hitron CODA-4589
Hitron CODA-46
Hitron CODA-4602
Hitron CODA-4680
Hitron CODA-4682
Hitron CODA-4689
Hitron CODA-47
Hitron CODA-4702
Hitron CODA-4780
Hitron CODA-4782
Hitron CODA-4789
Hitron CODA-5512
Hitron CODA-5519
Hitron CODA-5610
Hitron CODA-5712
Hitron CODA-5719
Hitron CODA-5810
Hitron CODA-5814
Hitron E31N2V1
Hitron EN2251
Linksys CG6350
Linksys CG7500
Linksys CM3016
Linksys CM3024
Samsung Home Media Server
SMC D3G2408
Sercomm DM1000
Sercomm ES2251
Technicolor TC4350
Virgin Media Super Hub 3 (ARRIS TG2492LG-VM or ARRIS TG2492S/CE or VMDG505 or Compal Broadband Networks CH7465)
Virgin Media Super Hub 4 (ARRIS TG3492LG-VMB)
XFINITY XB3 (ARRIS TG1682G, Cisco DPC3939, Cisco DPC3941B, Cisco DPC3941T)
XFINITY XB7 (ARRIS TG4482 or CommScope TG4482)

Note: the XFINITY XB6-T (Technicolor CGM4140COM) uses a Broadcom chipset, it is safe
Note: the XFINITY XB7 (Technicolor CGM4331COM) uses a Broadcom chipset, it is safe
Note: the XFINITY XB8 (Technicolor CGM4981COM) and Technicolor CGM4981COX uses a Broadcom chipset, it is safe

Is a modem missing on this list? Please leave a comment below.

Find your internet provider, to purchase your safe modem.

Intel Puma 6 Modem List Chipset Defects Reaction will no longer recommend any Intel Puma 6 or 7 chipset cable modems on this site. However, to show complete approved modem lists for each internet service provider, modems listed for each company may contain bad modems too. will display warnings for potentially defective Puma chipset modems.

While one of the Do Not Buy modems may work fine for your use, using a device known to have a serious issue involves risk. The cable modem may work properly for a few weeks and then problems could occur later. Skip any potential problems now and go with another approved cable modem for your internet service provider (without Intel inside).

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CBN CD8000, Technicolor ET2251, and Ubee EU2251 devices discussion appears in the comments section below.

197 thoughts on “Intel Puma 6 Modem List Chipset Defects”

    • Thanks exboxnick for the info.

      Yes, they are bad Intel Puma modems and they have been added to the list above.

      Thank you for the input, exboxnick. If you see anything else that should be addressed, please reply.

      • Cox DOES support the TG2472 (Puma6 chipset) in some locations.
        According to Cox you have to be sure of its provenance (that it isn’t stolen) before they will initialize it…but they DO SUPPORT IT and it is on their supported cable-modems page for the area I’m in.

        The TG2472 is not listed in your “approved” list, but is included in the list above.

        • Thanks John for the reply, but the TG2472 is on the Cox approved modems list and is marked as a Do Not Buy device. Maybe you just missed seeing it on the list (or maybe you were looking at a different ISP approved modem list).

          Cox Approved Modems

        • To warn others as well…Cox just installed the Arris TM3402 at my 94 yr. old mom’s house — she lives alone. I’m LIVID at being forced to relinquish the stability and reliability of a hard-wired analog line to conform to the FCC’s directive of everything digital! Put every egg in one basket and just watch when it fails! And, less than 24 hours later it already has. That’s “progress” for ya? To me that’s substandard and in our case a serious safety issue.

          So now we have a piece of garbage to boot as a modem that accommodates it (not our choice either). It was installed on Sunday afternoon…on Monday morning it had intermittent static in the lines and was found to have “gone down” already without explanation from Cox. “We don’t know why…but it’s back up now.” Gee…thanks! So…I’m back out there for yet ANOTHER appointment with Cox to try to address this unreliable, unwanted bit of crap!

          Seems like every time government sticks their noses into things they choose to manipulate “for our own good,” we all get screwed. Funny how that is…

          • Static doesn’t exist on digital so if shes getting static it would be either an issue with the in-house copper phone wiring or the analog side of that cable modem. A digital cable modem receives its signals via a digital QAM signal on the coax side but on the house side its all analog. Just wanted to point that out as it may help you isolate the fault.

            • Customer states they have “intermittent static” on the lines.That is not possible on a digital cable plant.Static is analog (bad ethernet,bad phone jumper etc)and always something inside the home.Noise on the other hand is possible on the line.Usually damaged cable,bad component,poorly prepped or lose connectors.

      • Thank you for the reply! You’re right, they do not appear here

        Those modems I listed are specifically sent out by Comcast Business and we encounter these devices all the time. Comcast has been replacing older Ubee model modems and Netgear CG3000DCR modems with these Cisco/Technicolor devices to offer their gateway and services too.

        For anyone who may have issues with their business, maybe, can refer to the URL.

    • I got my model replaced by WOW, and they shipped me an ARRIS TG2472G. TG2472 is on the Puma 6 list, and it appears that this is yet another defective Puma 6 modem, but that specific model isn’t on your list.

      • Hi Daniel,

        Some companies only list the ARRIS TG2472G as TG2472, so to clarify it for everyone, both models numbers are now listed. It is the same device however. Thanks for the info.

        Stay safe, Daniel.

    • Thank you, exboxnick.

      After much research, you are correct. The NETGEAR CBR40 Orbi Cable Router is indeed an Intel Puma chipset. For those curious to see what an Intel Puma chipset looks like, you may view it on the following link. Notice the DHCE2604 number and the “i” logo, which is an indicator of an Intel Puma chipset.

      NETGEAR CBR40 Intel Puma Chipset Image

      Word of caution on the linked paged you posted, exboxnick. Since it is a wiki site, anybody can edit those pages, so the information may not be correct for every device.

      Thanks, exboxnick, for posting a correction to the Puma chipset defect list.

    • No, Javed, avoid the ARRIS SBG10 as it contains an Intel Puma chipset. The best modem to buy will depend on the ISP you have. Please see your ISP page on this site to determine the best modem for your use.

  1. Charter/Spectrum/Time Warner Western NY.
    To the best of my knowledge, all approved modems use the Puma 6 chipset, including the company supplied ones.
    They are in no hurry to test any modems for the 400mbs to gig tier because they supply their own modems.
    So what is a safe modem to purchase?

    • Hello EvilWizardGlick,

      Not all approved modems for Charter contain the Intel Puma 6 chipset. You may view the Charter approved modem list and see the devices that do not contain the bad chipsets (pick any modem that does not have a black diamond ♦ next to the modem number).

      Even though Charter is the second largest cable internet provider, it takes them months, if not years, to approve modems. It is insane how slow they are at certifying modems. Yes, it may be several more months before Charter approves any DOCSIS 3.1 modems for 1 Gbps speeds.

      Charter has a Minimally Qualified Modems list, but the company actually states they are not recommended “because they haven’t been tested to confirm their ability to deliver your purchased internet service speed.” The full list is below. The NETGEAR CM1000 is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, but as Charter has stated, your internet speed will be an issue.

      ARRIS SB8200
      ARRIS SB6183v2
      ARRIS SBG10
      ARRIS SBG6950
      ARRIS SBG6950 AC2
      ARRIS SBG7400
      ARRIS SBG7400 AC2
      ARRIS SBG7600
      ARRIS SBG8300
      Linksys CG7500
      Linksys CM3016
      Motorola MB8600
      Motorola MG7700
      NETGEAR C3000v2
      NETGEAR C3700v2
      NETGEAR C6220
      NETGEAR C6300-100NAS
      NETGEAR C6300v2
      NETGEAR C6300 D0
      NETGEAR C7000
      NETGEAR C7000v2
      NETGEAR C7500
      NETGEAR C7500 D0
      NETGEAR C7800
      NETGEAR Cable Orbi CBR40 or CBK40
      NETGEAR N450
      NETGEAR N450-100NAS
      NETGEAR N450 CG3000Dv2
      NETGEAR CM1000
      NETGEAR CM1000v2
      NETGEAR CM1100
      NETGEAR CM1200 V1
      NETGEAR CM1200-100NAS
      TP-Link CR1900
      TP-Link TC7650
      Zoom 5370

  2. The Arris CM3200/3200ashould be on this list as was a confirmed puma chipset issue previously by several large cable providers.A little research online confirms this.

    • Thanks cablesatguy.

      The ARRIS CM3200 has been added to the list. Currently only Armstrong has approved that modem. Nice catch cablesatguy!

  3. Didn’t Intel release firmware that resolves the Puma chipset? Technically the bad modems should be fine, right?

    I am currently searching for a new modem as I am having to use spectrum due to cost efficient. I am coming from Google Fiber. $144 to $71

    • Yes, some firmware updates have been released, however not every issue has been resolved. Plus, any future firmware updates may reverse any fixes, or even make the issues worse.

      It is just best to stay away from anything with an Intel Puma chipset for a hassle-free experience today and for the future.

      Thanks, bradleyp.

  4. My Cable company that i will leave unnamed until i am fully enraged with, has basically provided me a Modem that the united states website for the company no longer provide. It is the Hitron-3582 and it doesn’t appear to be on the actual lawsuit against Intel. Does anybody have any recommendations ? I am trying to get these *edit* to actually get current equipment from Hitron, instead of some i swear to god imported from over the border and trying to avoid getting sued over. If the cable company specifically already knows of this and avoiding it, they are just as liable and i’m wanting my high speed internet to be high speed for real if you get what i mean. any help or advice appreciated

    • What is the name of your Internet provider?

      You really want to avoid anything from Hitron as most of their devices use Intel Puma chipsets. You should try a different brand if possible.

  5. Greetings,
    I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your web site. I cant even tell you how I got hear as I’ve been searching for answers for 3 hours tonight.

    I live in a canyon along the Pacific coastline in So Cal and am serviced by COX. I have no other choices or options. I was mandated by COX to upgrade my modem as they’re changing all telephone systems from analog/ copper wire to VOIP. As such I was forced to accept their modem, an ARRIS TM3402A. At the time I decided to upgrade and modernize my wifi system and chose the
    Linksys VELOP mesh 3 node system.
    The VELOP system is easy and connected seamlessly with the ARRIS TM3402A modem. Everything was hunky-dory for 2 weeks……..then it happened. Without changing a thing the ARRIS Modem simply dumped my VELOP wifi and refused to communicate or play nice.

    I’ve contacted COX on 4 different occasions over the past two months. During that time I’ve spent 9hrs on the phone and’ve been visited by 3 different Techs. Like Bill Murray in Ground Hogs Day, the same thing happens each and every time. Suffice it to say COX either doesn’t know how to fix their issue, or refuses to be honest and admit they don’t know why it arbitrarily disconnects the wifi anywhere from 20 mins to 48 hours after complete reboot of both systems.

    Tonight in my quest to ‘find a cure’ I found your site. On your site I discovered the COX Modem (ARRIS TM3402A) is on your Intel PUMA chip list with a big warning “Do Not Buy”.
    Can you tell me if my modems ‘self disconnecting’ issues could be in direct correlation to the Bad PUMA chip set?
    Have I stumbled into discovering the crux’s of my 60 day frustration?
    Are you the one web site of insightful and experienced tech types who are actually saving us common folk?…..

    • First, LA-Gaffer, sorry for all the frustration with your device. It is really disappointing when something just does not work.

      Second, yes, using an Intel Puma device will cause issues with connectivity. You should certainly be purchasing a new non-Puma modem to maintain a solid connection to the internet. You can find Cox approved modems here (Intel Puma chipset modems are clearly marked, so you know which modems to avoid). Good luck, LA-Gaffer.

  6. I have (hopefully) one last inquiry for you guys! Technicolor CGA4131. There seem to be 3 or 4 different variations that I can find, CGA4131COM (CBR-T) for Comcast, CGA4131TCH for Mediacom, and CGA4131 for Cox and a TBR (still CGA4131)?

    Any insight is much appreciated as I have received a handful of reports for each, and some worked while others reported minimal improvement over past Intel Puma 6 devices.





    • Cablesatguy, it is too early for this type of identification. Yes, people should be aware of the issue, but unlike the Intel Puma chipset issues, Cable Haunt seems like a problem that can be fixed with a firmware update. The Intel Puma chipset disaster has been ongoing for years with no real fix and a pending lawsuit.

      This is certainly something to keep an eye on. For those that want significantly more information on the possible affected modems (most affected modems are outside of the USA region), you can visit the Cable Haunt website. Their site lists possible affected modems and a tool (Test Script) to test your own modem. Hopefully, future firmware updates are quick and actually fix the vulnerability.

      Thanks, Cablesatguy, for bringing attention to this new vulnerability.

  7. I recently got my service switched from AT&T/DirecTV to Spectrum. They gave me an ARRIS TM1602 modem which I believe is on the “Do not use list”, and I am definitely experiencing lag and buffering when streaming Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and other streaming services, despite having “400Mbps” service from Spectrum.

    After reading this forum, would the NETGEAR CM600, which is approved by Spectrum for 400mbps use, be a good replacement to their “rental” modem? I want to avoid anything with the Puma chips. Also, does the NETGEAR CM700, which is also approved and can handle 500Mbps, work as well?

    • Hello Rdefazio,

      Avoid the NETGEAR CM700 as that contains an Intel Puma chipset. The NETGEAR CM600 would be an excellent modem upgrade for you (no Puma chipset).

      You can find more information on Spectrum approved modems here. If you need phone service, you are stuck with the ARRIS TM1602 because Spectrum does not approve of VoIP modems other than what they give to you.

  8. I have ARRIS SBG6950AC2. I noticed that the surfboard shows any device like cellphone consoles amd so but sometimes the surfboard don’t show anything but still connected devices I had add for wifi. Should I get rid of ARRIS SBG6950AC2 and if so what would be a good basic cable modem I can used with my netgear wifi?

  9. Having problems with Arris TG2492 in bridge mode, more than 500 connections and it chokes, don’t think I have seen it in the list but it uses that same Intel chip.

    • You are correct, the ARRIS TG2492 contains an Intel Puma 6 chipset. The TG2492 has been added to the list. Thanks, Spear, for pointing out this bad cable gateway device.

  10. I recently just got a Nighthawk X6 R8000 (ac3200) router, I used to have an Apple Airport Extreme. My internet service provider is Cox, I have their 300Mbps download / 30 Mbps upload plan, as well as having their phone plan. They provided me their Arris TM3402 modem and I was indeed having ping and latency issues, I thought the issue was with my new router but then I came across this website. I already called Cox and they are going to swap out this defective modem for the Technicolor CGM4141 modem. I just want to make sure if this is safe to buy and I want to know what chipset is in this Technicolor CGM 4141 modem.

  11. Thanks for this website!

    Purchased a Netgear CM700 along with a new Nest Wi-Fi to replace an aging Surfboard SBG6580.

    Upon gaming/streaming video o noticed dropouts and lag.

    Gaming was the worst, so much lag.

    “Downgraded” to the Netgear CM 600 and, WOW! It made such a difference. Gaming is smooth as well as no more buffering and dropped resolution on videos.

    Keep up this awesome knowledge base!

    • Thanks for your comment, Drew. Glad you found this site useful! Gamers should definitely avoid Intel Puma chipset modems.

    • That is an excellent question, Carlos! Best Buy shows an image of the Intel logo. Carlos, did you see it in store or online?

      This is concerning if the image is correct as why would ARRIS switch to a chipset that is known to have issues; the Broadcom chipset was perfectly fine. ARRIS still shows the non-Intel packaging on their site. Maybe Best Buy has a photoshopped image?

  12. Hello, I’m having a bit of a problem here.

    I’m using a netgear cm600 and a r7000p router, yet I’m having the same issues that people are attributing to this chipset. AFAIK neither of these have it

    • Hello Alex D,

      The NETGEAR CM600 is definitely a safe modem to use (no Intel Puma chipset). The first step is to only use your modem to see if you have connection issues. It may be time for a new router.

      Another step you can try – go to this Bad Modems site and use the tool to check for latency and jitter. There is information on that page that explains what you are looking for to help determine the issues you are having. Good luck, Alex D!

  13. While I was shopping around for an internet plan today on Optimum’s website for my new address it mentioned that only the following three modems would be on their approved list if I wanted to bring my own:

    * Arris TM 1602
    * Arris TG 1672G
    * Arris TM 3202A

    I see the TG1672 is on the do not buy list. is the TG1672G considered the same device or is it a separate device and not on the list?


  14. This is an awesome site!!!! I understand next to nothing about modems and routers and I am so happy to read about all these different modems and the problems to avoid.
    You did ask for missing devices from your list and in reading the comments I found a couple, although I do not know if they are considered “USA Region Residential Modems”, remember my lack of adequate education in this area:
    the ARRIS TG1672 and TG1672G are considered to be the same device & were recommended to avoid.
    The ARRIS TG2492 was also identified as one not to purchase
    Thanks again for your very informative and helpful information here!!!

  15. I don’t wish to increase clutter but it would be nice if business modems were included in the list

    Thankfully a Ctrl+F does list the modems in comments but a more complete list helps

    Spectrum requires a business account even in residential homes just for a static IP, something residential customers cannot get

    Also alot of my business customers use cloud based services like file storage, security systems, and payment systems, all which will fail,timeout,error out, or freeze up due to puma6 packet drops, connection drops, and other issues. I think it’s very important since a few business ISP’s(spectrum) will now start swapping modems at customer request to a 16×4 or a 24×8 modem they currently have for businesses to remove the puma6 units, most people don’t even know they have a modem issue, they just know it’s an “issue” and spectrum won’t swap modems without customer request

    • Business modems have now been added to the list. Some business modems are just repeats of residential modems. So, the suggestion is to try to use a residential modem that can also be used for business that is not on the bad Intel Puma chipset list.

      • Thankyou. Sadly as mentioned most business customers cannot use their own modem and have to use ISP supplied so you have to play the modem game with them. The good news is many times they indeed are just repeat modems. Your list even so has been an incredible help!

        • Even though not often on any list: If a prior model or lower channel modem is on the list for a ISP for a given manufacturer, tell the ISP to chose “the first one on the list” in order to get past the “script” that operators have to follow. When you do this, or if you use auto/self-service activation/provision, successful provisioning will usually occur.

          The difference between “business” and “residential” for most ISPs is an unfortunate game, that is only implemented in the script that the operators are instructed to follow. There is no difference in hardware implementation, nor TFTP binary transmission (on a manufacturer basis that is). Just chose the most basic model of a manufacturer that the ISP has supported in the current or past, and provisioning will usually work.

          For instance, in SW MI COMCAST: Arris TM822 can be activated under Arris SB6141, even though the latter is not the same chip nor origin nor year nor feature set. But everything / all features will work. This is again because the ISP supported the Arris origin and the TM7x + TM8x chips in the 2000s. Thus the current TFTP assigned binaries + config files will be inter-operable with the “SB6141” selection (in reality, the endpoint talks to the server, and selects the correct binary + the account configuration, and ignores the “script” followed by the ISP support staff). Been using this method for 10yrs.


  16. I have a Netgear C6300 (I bought 2 years ago) and now I having problems… Download: 200mb (great) but Upload: 0.8mb ( and most to be around 10 and 13mb) sometimes I getting disconected from my wifi.

  17. Hi am having latency issues with my internet I have a cable wifi modem Xfinity. After complaining of having speed issues during my 3 yrs of service. I had a supervisor offer me a $35 mnth discount on my current bill for 24 mnths to upgrade me from 600mbps triple play package to triple play 1gig service. (No phone installed)

    Turns out after talking to Xfinity and having Arris warranty upgrade replacement from my Arris-SBG7580AC that I discovered is on the Bad Intel PUMA Chipset list. The replacement upgrade they are sending Arris SBG7600AC2 is also on the list (lol you gotta be kidding) So I’ve spent a good bit of time trying to find a nice DOCSIS 3.1 modem w/built in WI-F1 that can handle approved 1 gig speeds for under $200…. There are none. So I’m going old school Modem with a Wireless Router.

    I want to know what modem you’d recommend with the TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router – Dual Band Gigabit. I’m looking at the ARRIS Surfboard SB8200-Rb or Netgear Nighthawk CM1100?

    • Hi Edwin,

      You can’t go wrong with either modem you listed. The ARRIS SB8200 is ARRIS’s best modem (one of the few ARRIS modems that does not contain the Intel Puma chipset). You listed the SB8200-Rb (meaning refurbished). Be aware some people have issues with pre-owned devices not being deactivated from a previous user’s account, so you may have to wrestle with the ISP if that is the case for you.

      The NETGEAR CM1100 is also an excellent option (no Intel Puma chipset). Some modems are difficult to find in stock due to COVID-19 affecting manufacturing capabilities in the market at this time. So, if you find a modem you like, you should jump on it. The ARRIS SB8200 has been on the market longer so it has had more time for people to experiment with the device.

  18. Thanks for your site, I have used it many times to avoid Intel chipset. This time around I took a gamble and renting an XB7 from Xfinity. It shows on my account they are sending me an XB7-T CGM4331COM which I am excited to see is on the approved list of NOT being Intel. What a relief! Keep up the good work!

    • Since the Ubee EU2251 seems to be exclusive to Spectrum, there is not a lot of info on this device. There are a couple of references to Broadcom chipsets on other sites (listed below). Not even the FCC database was much help since the EU2251 does not use WiFi (FCC only lists modems with WiFi). Closest device found was the Ubee E31U2V1 (one of the model numbers listed on the data sheet, but no chipset pictured). At least you do not have the Hitron E31N2V1 or Hitron EN2251 models as they do contain the Intel Puma chipset.

      Spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA Data Sheet

      Reddit Discussion

      HardForum Discussion

      FCC Database Ubee E31U2V1 (click on External photos rev and Internal photos)

      • I did a recent Google search on the Ubee EU2251. It states “The Ubee EU2251 modem uses the Broadcom 3390v chipset. The Intel Puma 6 chipset is defective because it can cause high spikes in network latency. These spikes can interfere with online gaming, streaming video, and surfing the web. “

    • Actually, the Linksys CM3008 contains an Intel Puma 5 chipset, which is a good chipset. The CM3008 is an older modem, so it uses an older Puma chipset. Only the Intel Puma 6 and Puma 7 chipsets are bad. Thanks for the comment, Brian.

  19. I believe that the Cisco DPQ3925 has a Broadcom chipset. I just wanted to comment here, in case someone comes looking. Can someone confirm?

    • Yes, the Cisco DPQ3925 contains a Broadcom chipset, so it is safe to use. Trying to find the device on the FCC database (they utilize a horrible search engine) yielded no good results. The Brazilian version of the DPQ3925 is listed on the database, but shows no internal photos. insideGadgets shows a teardown for the Australian version of the Cisco DPQ3925-X modem. It shows a a nice large image of a Broadcom BCM3380 chipset.

      Russ, the DPQ3925 is more than a decade old device, so hopefully no one is using this modem anyway.

  20. I would love to know as a spectrum technician, if the EU2251 and the ET2251 or if in general do Ubee and Technicolor 3.1’s use an Intel chip. We have had nightmarish problems, absolute endless trouble calls with any customer that has a EN2251. There are issues with this modem aside from the chip defect. We found out that it would knock people offline when receiving or making phone calls. So even subscribers that had a triple play, but never plugged a phone in were getting knocked off-line from all the robocalls calls during the election. The EN2251 has got to be the absolute worse modem to have ever existed period. Hands down an absolute abomination.

    • It looks like the Ubee EU2251 and the Technicolor ET2251 utilize Broadcom chipsets. A previous comment talked about the Ubee EU2251 referencing a Broadcom chipset. Here are some Technicolor ET2251 reference points about the device utilizing Broadcom chipsets:

      Spectrum Equipment Guide

      DSLReports Comment

      Reddit Discussion

      The Hitron EN2251 definitely contains the bad Intel Puma chipset. In general, Hitron uses Intel Puma chipsets almost exclusively. Hitron devices should be avoided at all costs.

      The fact that technicians have so many issues with bad Intel Puma chipset modems should be another sign that ISPs need to stop handing them out to customers. This is the beauty of people being able to purchase their own modems, so they don’t need to deal with defective devices which causes frustration for everybody.

  21. I believe I have a new rebranding that surfaced today. I was unable to find out its chipset, as my Google-fu fails me. I assume this modem also has the bad chipset, save naming conventions, since it resembles the Hitron E*2251 series of failures. Could someone help me shed some more light on this one?

    Sercomm ES2251

    • Sorry, Russ, after a long search, nothing could be found on the Sercomm ES2251. A search on the FCC database showed no results for the time frame of 2018 and 2019 of when the device was announced in a press release.

      Update: The FCC only lists devices that are wireless, so the Sercomm ES2251 won’t be listed on the FCC database (no WiFi).

      The ES2251 looks to be another exclusive model number for Spectrum’s service (look at page 7 of the Spectrum D3.1 eMTA user guide). The Sercomm model is probably the least likely version to be given to customers. So the information that is needed here may not be revealed until a customer is given one of these ES2251 models and posts pictures of the chipset.

      Here is a summary of the other models:

      Sercomm ES2251 Intel Puma chipset
      Hitron EN2251 Intel Puma chipset
      Technicolor ET2251 Broadcom chipset
      Ubee EU2251 Broadcom chipset

      Update: On August 23, 2022, BusinessNeedsRealInternet, points out a picture on Reddit that “confirms” the Sercomm ES2251 containing an Intel Puma chipset.

      • I spoke with a Spectrum Supervisor at the site I was having trouble, where this Sercomm ES2251 is now installed. They replaced a Hitron EN2251 with this Sercomm. He knew the Hitron EN2251’s have the Puma Chipset, and, so, installed the Sercomm. He specified this one does not have a defective chipset, which prompted my doubt. I wish I could take it apart and look, but the modem is 3000 miles away from me.

        Thanks for the info, Modem Gurus

  22. Ziggo, a cable provider in the netherlands still provides its users with these erratic modems in 2021.

    Video calling is problematic

  23. BASTARDS!!! Xfinity knew about this for three years! My Internet experience has been crap for more than a year now of leasing an Xfinity ARRIS TG1682G modem. Not only is connection crap, but the modem restarts at least once every day!!!
    And Xfinity did not recall this modem by now!!! I am going to buy Motorola MB8611. I have to turn in my leased modem. I am sure that this modem will be just passed on to another unsuspecting customer!!! Sue Xfinity, recall these crap boxes!!!

    • Michael Upset, that is the purpose of this site is to warn people of bad modems. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family. The Motorola MB8611 will be a huge upgrade over your leased modem. However, if you need a phone modem, you can look into the NETGEAR CM2050V. Rented modems are not a good idea as evidenced by your connection issues, Michael.

    • Thanks, the ARRIS TG3442 has been added to the list of confirmed bad modems. While this FCC listing blacks out the processor at the top of page 5, the FHCE2752 shown on the right side of the green square is an indicator of a Intel Puma 7 chipset. The TG3442 will certainly be bad for gaming.

    • Sorry, no new info. The only info available is from fellow commenter Russ who posted his experience with a technician. No other actual proof however. Due to the limited availability of the Sercomm ES2251 version of Spectrum’s D3.1 eMTA DOCSIS 3.1 Advanced Voice Modem, it may be some time before the chipset is revealed. Or the small sample size may mean nobody ever opens one up to photograph the chipset inside.

  24. I just purchased an Arris SB8200 before I read about this intel puma chip defect. Is this modem safe or should I just go ahead and return it before I even open it.

  25. I currently have an Arris SB6190 with Intel and just died after moving homes and accounts with xfinity, is it ok to get another one as long as it doesn’t have Intel on the box?

    • No, avoid the ARRIS SB6190 even if there is no Intel logo (not all bad modems will have an Intel logo). The SB6190 is the worst of all Intel Puma chipset modems (all SB6190 modems are defective regardless of which box it comes in). Be sure to check the Xfinity approved modem list to see which modems to avoid.

  26. Does the ARRIS TM1602 AP2 contain the Puma 6 chipset? I’m assuming that it’s just a modified version of the ARRIS 1602, but will still contain the chipset. Any insight would be appreciated!

  27. Hi everybody! I am from the UK with virgin media using their SuperHub3 (ARRIS TG2492LG-VM). I assume this one is just a rebrand of the TG2492 Modem?

    Anyway they have now released their new SuperHub4 modem (ARRIS TG3492LG-VMB). I dont see this on the defect model list from Arris. Can anyone confirm if this would fix my problem by upgrading? thanks :)

    • Yes, the Virgin Media Super Hub 3 (ARRIS TG2492LG-VM) is just a rebrand of the ARRIS TG2492. The Virgin Media Super Hub 4 (ARRIS TG3492LG-VMB) has been added to the list above. Thanks for bringing attention to this device, Connor. The following article states the Hub 4 utilizes an Intel Puma 7 chipset, which is not as bad as a Puma 6 chipset, but you will likely still encounter connection issues. The FCC doesn’t show an internal photo of the CPU for the Hub 4 device.

      • Thank you for your response! It has come to my attention that virgin are now beta testing the superhub 5 due to be released in 2022 some time to the general public which moves away from the intel puma chipset and to a broadcom one and from initial reports back its looking good.

  28. Are there any workaround for this issue? I was thinking to disable wifi connection from the modem and only use Ethernet to another router expecting this might free up load on the chipset, anyone have tried it?

  29. Sure wish I had known about this website a year and a half ago when I was buying an ARRIS SGB7660, ah well. Live and learn, thanks for the approved modem list let me pick out my new Puma 6 free modem, just have to tough it out for a few days for Amazon to deliver.

  30. I just got off the phone with Xfinity about the Netgear 700.

    I’m not too concerned at their lack of concern as I am the agent not knowing people should not use the Netgeat CM700 with XFinity or any other ISP.

    I then read through all these posts here and I see this has been an topic and issue since at least 2018, yes?

    And if yes then why is Staples permitted to sell me something currently involved in. A Class Action Lawsuit?

    Is no one from Generation X honorable? Are they all evil demond’s sucking the truth from the word?

    So many had a chance to stop the sale of damaged goods and none did.

    • Jamero, that is partially what the class action lawsuit is about in that the devices should not be continued to be sold at retail. But like so many lawsuits (even without Covid), it usually takes many years for there to be a resolution to the matter, unfortunately. Modem manufacturers keep selling their defective devices to the public until told otherwise by lawmakers. One of the reasons was created is to inform consumers of bad modems.

  31. Is the Arris SBG6782-AC affected? It’s a discontinued model, so not sure if that’s why it’s not on the list or because it isn’t affected?

    Is there any way to tell which chip you have without the box?

    • Penny, the ARRIS SBG6782-AC is a safe modem to use (no Intel Puma 6 chipset).

      Usually you can find WiFi devices on the FCC database, but the FCC did a poor job of showing the chipset for the ARRIS SBG6782-AC. You can see at the bottom of page 6 and 14 a large black square with a circle of white thermal paste on the CPU cover. The FCC is suppose to remove the thermal paste and clean the CPU cover to show the chipset, but the employee who took these photos failed to show the actual chipset.

      You can use the list above to determine if a modem is safe to use. Alternatively, there is another list you can use.

  32. My ISP is Optimum. Currently their provided modem is ARRIS TM1602, which as I note has a PUMA Chip Issue. That said, my internet is flawless without issues. I now want to buy a modem and avoid the $10 per month charge to work with my 200 mps speed. If not a refurbished TM1602a, what do you suggest that will work?

    • Geoffrey, do you actually need the phone function from the modem? If not, the NETGEAR CM500 would be perfect for you. If you are looking to get away from an ISP’s phone service, you can always pair a modem with an Ooma device. Ooma uses an internet connection to provide a low-cost alternative to a cable company’s phone service.

      You do have a few choices of modems for Optimum internet service if you prefer to go another route.

  33. i have a Arris arris tg2492lg-zg but so far i have no issues with latency or any spikes or jitter.. i also dont know if it has a puma6 chip while i got this modem from Ziggo sutch ISP. i have been using this modem for at least 7 years now but this modem apart from that the wifi range is quite underwhelming but that also depends in which mode i have set the 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi connection in the modem.

    • Yes, John, any version of the ARRIS TG2492 will have the Intel Puma chipset inside. A lot of times you will only see latency and other problems when you require a constant connection, such as online gaming. Combo units usually have poor WiFi performance when compared to stand-alone routers.

  34. Here goes…
    1. Is the Arris SBG6782AC a non-Intel chipset??

    2. I already have the Arris SVG2482AC, which IS unfortunately on the list of having a bad Intel chip… so what do I do about it now??
    A. Call Arris and ask them to replace it at no charge (yeah, I’m sure that’s not going to happen without a big fight!😐) with a non-Intel 6 or 7 device of equal or better performance?
    B. Join the class action lawsuit (if it’s still even going on??)?
    C. Or go back to Best Buy where I bought it and demand a non-Intel chipped replacement for free because they sold me something that is under a class action lawsuit?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    • 1. Correct, the ARRIS SBG6782-AC does not utilize an Intel Puma chipset.

      A) Not likely to happen since their is no government agency telling them to replace or refund devices at this time.

      B) You should certainly should join the lawsuit; you could be entitled to money later on. You can contact the law firm to receive an update on the progress of its lawsuit.

      C) You would likely only be able to return the device if it was within the return period (now only 15 days from the purchase date at Best Buy). If you found a sympathetic manager to allow a return, that is really your only shot at Best Buy accepting the device back. Until ARRIS is forced to allow returns on old devices (lawsuit fallout), ARRIS won’t allow returns on Intel Puma chipset modems. Unfortunately, consumers must use the list above to determine what device is safe to purchase.

      Thanks, Tiger.

  35. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this website. My question relates to the Sercom DM1000 modem. I am thinking about switching to an internet provider who sells this modem. However, despite scouring the internet for hours, I am unable to determine if it has the Intel Puma chipset. Do you know what chipset this modem uses?


    • There is not a lot of information on the Sercomm DM1000, except for this thread on DSLReports, which does show an Intel Puma chipset on the fifth image (smaller blue square shows FHCE2703 near the chipset – an indicator of an Intel Puma chipset). Joe, also keep in mind most internet providers don’t sell modems; they just rent them. The above list has been updated to include the Sercomm DM1000 modem.

  36. I had read on cox site that Arris TM3402a modem with hardware version 8 has a hardware fix making it work correctly…..

    Is that correct?

    I don’t have Cox ISP, but have 3402a with HWV8. ???

    • Since the ARRIS TM3402 has no WiFi capabilities, the FCC has no record of images of the internal components of the modem. If hardware version 8 of the TM3402 replaces the Intel Puma chipset to a Broadcom chipset, then yes, the issue would be fixed. But there is currently no image of the chipset used in an ARRIS TM3402 hardware version 8 device, so it is an unknown answer until someone cracks one open and photographs the internals, Jan J.

  37. My internet provider in Canada offers the CommScope TG4482 (XB7). Is this the same as the Arris TG4482 with the Puma chipset?


    • Joe, a search was conducted, but nothing turned up. There is one thread on Reddit that states the CBN CD8000 is a Puma chipset, but that is only a one person statement (far from proof). Even Compal Broadband Networks product page is of little help (no data sheet is even listed).

      Until someone gets a hold of a CD8000 and tears it open and photographs the CPU, the chipset inside the device will be unknown.

  38. Hi Guys,

    I was just wondering, the problems that result from the intel puma 6 chipset, are they still present when the subject modem is put into bridge mode and a separate router is used for wireless internet access?


    • The chipset problems originate from the built-in hardware of the modems (the CPU). Unfortunately, Joe, a wireless signal does not bypass the latency of the Intel Puma chipset.

  39. Can you please remove the Hitron [Catalog #] CODA-S12 (aka the Hitron [model #] CODA) from the list? I have no idea why it’s even listed here, it’s not listed on the lawsuit or by Intel for effected modems and it seems everyone who’s writing an article on this problem is copying the list here, not the lists from the sources. This modem is NOT an Intel chipset, moreover the Puma 6 chipset affected is DOCSIS 3.0, and the CODA-S12 is DOCSIS 3.1, and therefore NOT the Intel Puma chipset being talked about here. It is also on Charter’s list of approved modems. Further research on the device will confirm this.

    • Hitron has posted on the Amazon product page that the Hitron CODA-S12 contains the Intel Puma 7 chipset. Puma 7 is still a bad chipset. DOCSIS 3.1 modems use Intel Puma 7 chipsets. DOCSIS 3.0 modems utilize Puma 6 chipsets.

      The lawsuit page is a short sample list and does not include every bad modem (compare to the list above to see the full list of defective modems). Just because Charter has the modem on their approved modem list, it does not mean all modems are Puma chipset free. A lot of defective modems appear on internet service provider’s (ISP) approved modem lists. That is why using is a good idea to know which modems to avoid for each ISP. Hitron is actually the worse brand for any modem use, because the company almost exclusively uses Intel Puma chipsets. Stay away from Hitron and pick a better brand, Padoogi.


    Seems the ES2251 uses the exact same chip as the EN2251

    On a side note it seems unlike the Puma 6 which had major hardware faults, the Puma 7 faults mostly lived in the firmware, an insane amount of fixes have been applied to at least the EN2251 and ES2251 which may have finally resolved the remaining issues. I can’t speak to them yet but hope to in the near future as I am test some on a few sites for fun.

    The EU2251 and ET2251 use a Broadcom 3390 which is the same as a SB8200

    • Thanks for the info, BusinessNeedsRealInternet. The Sercomm ES2251 was discussed on June 24, 2021 for a breakdown of all the models. Unfortunately, the Redditor, only posted a picture of a chipset without showing the actual modem, so this could be the wrong modem. But since it is the only available picture of what could be the ES2251, it will now be listed as a bad Intel Puma chipset.

  41. I’m just learning about this after dealing with a flakey xb3 from comcast. They’re sending me a newer device but it’ll be a roll of the dice on what shows up at the house. Hopefully not a puma chipset device. Thank you guys for publicizing this information. I was a bit late to the game but at least I’m educated now and know what to look for going forward until I get my connection fixed.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The problem is not a lot of people know of the issue, so many will have unnecessary frustrations with their internet connections. Tell family and friends about this ongoing issue, so they will have the knowledge to avoid the troublesome Intel Puma modem chipset defects in the future.

  42. Hello,

    Do you know if Arris is still using the Puma 6 chipset in the G34? I couldn’t find any current information on whether or not they did when searching online. I’m looking to replace my ISP (Astound pwered by Wave) issued Hitron CODA-4589, as they charge me $18 per month to rent it. Ironically, the Hitron CODA-4589 uses the same Intel Puma 6 chipset. The Arris G34 looks like the perfect replacement for my needs, so I was hoping that Arris has updated the chipset by now or come up with a solution. Any information that anyone could provide would be great.



    • The ARRIS G34 utilizes the Intel Puma 7 chipset. Not as bad as the Puma 6, but you could still run into connection issues. Once ARRIS picks a chipset, they will stick with it until a new modem model # is created. Hitron mostly uses Puma chipsets; Hitron is the worst brand to purchase. The G34 just came out last year, so it was shocking that ARRIS went with a Puma 7 chipset even after the lawsuit was filed and all the reported issues became public. Here is the FCC listing for the ARRIS G36 (same family as the G34). If you look at page 7, you will see a big green square with a smaller black square – CPU blacked out. The FHCE2712 is a reference to the Intel Puma 7 chipset.

      Better options for you, Leon, are the NETGEAR CAX30S, NETGEAR CAX80, or the Motorola MG8725.

  43. So we had an old surfboard, our internet just stopped working. Called the Cable company a few times, they claimed that it just isn’t compatible with their newer service, they said that’s the issue (meanwhile I checked down detector and several people in my zip code were posting of outages, despite breezeline assuring me that there were none at the time). Anyway, they suggested sending me a new modem to resolve the issue, they did but the issue still persisted (and still does to this day). we upped the speed to 1 gig as well. They sent a Hi Tron CODA 4589. After setup the speeds lagged terribly! Wired and wireless were at a crawl! I opened resource monitor and started watching my network traffic and found puma7 in there sending a lot but not receiving much. This lead me to google the entire name which led me down the rabbit hole reading about the bad modems…

    We have every symptom related to the puma 6 chip set! We have done numerous tests on the internet speeds and wired we can’t get much higher than 30Mbs, the cable company states it should be much higher! (It should be) They asked us to go to to get the correct speed and it turned out to be even lower. They couldn’t figure it out! I suggested that it may be the lines coming into the house since many years ago with TimeWarner, that was always the issue (when we switched to WOW! We no longer had issues and had their service for 6 years or so before it became Breezline)! They sent a tech out (he showed up on a Tuesday when he was supposed to be here on a Sunday), he said there were no issues but claimed that we had illegal splitters set up, (if we did that’s on the cable company) and removed them and left!

    Anyway, still have the issue, wireless devices not only crawl but just lose connection whenever. Wired gets down to a crawl and never gets past 30Mbs. I called them, all they can do is look and see that we’re not getting optimal speeds. I told them about the bad chip set in the modem, they acted as though I don’t know what I’m talking about. (I may not) I tried to upgrade the firmware myself but it’s locked to cable providers… They won’t upgrade it and they won’t send another modem because chances are we’ll end up with the same exact one!

    So, please recommend a good modem? I am sick of having to use my hot spot when I’m paying for internet services!

    • SeriouslySonya, certainly stay away from Hitron brand modems. They almost exclusively use Intel Puma chipsets. The best modem for Breezeline is the Motorola MB8600. The modem does not use any Puma chipsets (the device uses a safe Broadcom chipset). Your situation is one of many reasons to purchase your own modem. An internet provider may give you a bad Intel Puma chipset modem. You are better off buying your own modem.

          • Thank you so much. Not sure which I will end up buying, apparently from the reviews both have terrible customer service wait times.

          • Well, it’s been a while and I’ve finally gotten fed up with the Hi-Tron and the terribly slow speeds so I just bit the bullet and purchased the Nighthawk. The reviews are a mixed bag, so I opted for two things, a range extended and the 4 year protection plan in the event that I end up with one of the bad ones. I did call Breezeline to try to confirm that it will work but the only gave me the names of two much cheaper ones, I’ll deal with it later if it doesn’t!

              • It came yesterday I’ve just set it up, we still are not getting great internet, in the modem setup it says our internet is poor, but we have gone from 6 to 54 Megs so that is some improvement, but NOT out 1 Gig I am paying for! Breezeline said they updated some things that can take up to 72 hours to take effect (really? crazy!), but my wifi is smoking fast as of this minute! But still a pretty pricey modem.

                • If their updates don’t fix your slow speed, then it it most likely some bad or damaged wiring that Breezeline should look into. An animal or a storm may have damaged cable somewhere. Hopefully this gets sorted out for you. Definitely don’t settle for your slow speed. If you are paying for 1 Gig speed, you should be getting 1 Gig speed.

    • Yes, Dee, you are correct. The ARRIS TG1672 includes all models (e.g. TG1672, TG1672G, TG1672G-NA). This applies to all modem models for ARRIS.

  44. Hello,
    I’ve been dealing with issues that match the ones described here with my Arris TG2482, so I’ve asked my ISP for their list of available modems, which unfortunately only contained Hitron devices that aren’t in the list. I’ve read that Hitron modems almost always contain Puma chips, but are any of these by any miracle safe?
    Hitron CGN-1000, Hitron CGN5 Pro
    The rest of the list contains modems that are listed in here
    Hitron CGN3, Technicolor DPC3848V, Arris TG1672G, Arris DG1670A NA, Arris TG2482
    Please advice me on what my best option would be

    • Joe, Hitron’s website makes no mention of the CGN-1000. Maybe it is listed under a another product name. The Hitron CGNV5-PRO data sheet is listed, but does not state the brand of CPU utilized. In previous years, Hitron was proud to display the Intel Puma chipset name until the backslash from the hardware issues. A search on the FCC website returned no results for the product names you listed.

      It sounds like you need a phone modem, which many older phone modems use Intel Puma chipsets. And as stated, you should avoid all Hitron devices due to their over usage of the Puma chipsets. Your best option is to get rid of phone service through your internet provider. Invest in an Ooma phone device, then you can just use a normal modem. Now, you won’t be stuck with a defective phone modem. Ooma utilizes an internet connection to provide cheap phone service.

      • Thanks for the reply,
        Unfortunately that limited list isn’t because I need a phone modem, but because my ISP does not allow me to use any modem that isn’t the ones they issue
        I own an Arris SB8200 and I would gladly use it, but it’s not allowed

              • Indeed, I purchased my own SB8200 when living in America, it’s a shame I can’t use it here
                They claim it’s because they can’t guarantee good service without one of their certified modems, but none of the modems they’ve provided has given good service
                I wonder if there’s technical reasons a different modem that’s also DOCSIS 3.0 compatible wouldn’t work on their end, or if it would just be a matter of whitelisting the MAC address

                • It is most likely due to your internet provider either wanting more money in rental fees (if you are charged fees for using rented modems) or they just don’t want to have to maintain a huge list of modems that all need verification of firmware updates when a manufacturer releases them. By having limited approved modems, they don’t need to do a lot of testing of firmware. Did you ever try connecting your ARRIS SB8200 to your cable line to see if your internet would work?

                  • There’s no rental fees, or they’re built in to the advertised base price
                    I did try connecting the Arris SB8200 and it did not work, but I’m unsure if it’s just because the MAC address was not whitelisted or if ISPs need to support modem models specifically in some way for them to work

                    • At least you tried the SB8200. The only other option is to try another internet provider, but you are probably in an area that only has one good service provider.

  45. I saw on your “Modem Best Sellers at Amazon” list, there is a Arris SB6190 with the Intel Logo!

    Other than the ones with the Intel Logo,has the problem with the 6190 been solved?

  46. When we talk about ‘chipset’, is it same as processor in this case? My ISP in Finland (Elisa) offers Arris TG2482B model which is equipped with a Intel Atom processor. So no problems with that model?

    • The chipset in regards to bad modems is indeed, the CPU or central processing unit. The Intel Atom processor works in conjunction with the Intel Puma processor. In other words, anything listed as containing an Intel CPU is bad. The ARRIS TG2482 is currently on the list of defective modems. Here is an article that explains the chipset names.

  47. Hey there my local provider is Imon Communications,
    they gave me a TG3452 and thanks to this site I discovered why I had latency issues while gaming. I opted for a refurbished SB8200 (modem only, no WiFi) not on the “bad” list. And more than capable of 300mb, hope this is a good model? Anyways they provisioned it but I was forced to reduce my speed from 300 to 100mb because they won’t allow customer owned equipment on 300mb speed and indefinitely from what I understand. Very frustrated with this as I would prefer the higher speed in a family household with many devices. I am pairing an older Nighthawk R6700 I had and seems to be perfectly fine for my home and needs. My latency issues seem to have subsided but now I have drastically slower speeds. Has anyone run into the ISP limiting your speed based on your own equipment? What should I do? They have no other model modem to provide (they say) I would rather not go back to mediacom. Thanks!

    • Yes, the ARRIS SB8200 is a terrific device. You should not encounter any latency issues. Scott, you can read the first two paragraphs of this article. It talks about how the FCC requires internet providers to allow the use of customer owned modems under certain circumstances. You may be in some legal grey area. Your ISP is allowing you the use of the SB8200, but is intentionally speed reducing your device.

      What is so wrong with Mediacom? They are at least a bigger company that offers the use of customer owned modems. You may need to choose from utilizing a slow speed or using Mediacom’s services.

    • Thanks, Shawn. The XB8 (Technicolor CGM4981COM) uses a Broadcom chipset, so it is okay to use. You can see the chipset on page 50 here.

      More research will need to be done to verify if ARRIS/CommScope has a version of the XB8 that utilizes an Intel Puma chipset.

      Update: Based on this Comcast page, the Technicolor CGM4981COM is the only version of the XFINITY XB8.

    • Intel Puma 7 chipsets are not as bad as the Puma 6 chipsets. However, since the fallout of the Puma 6 defects, people should avoid any potential issues with the Puma family of chipsets. There are plenty of safer modems that use Broadcom chipsets. Just don’t take the risk. Three decades ago, Firestone made several defective tires, resulting in injuries and deaths. People of course stopped buying the entire Firestone tire line, because they didn’t want to deal with a defective product. This is what people should do with the Intel Puma chipsets. Why take the risk? Intel Puma 7 chipset modems are listed above to warn of potential issues down the road.

      • Right but he wants to see data. As far as I can tell, and I researched this a lot, there is NO firm, raw data that shows Puma 7 suffers from the same issue as puma 6. The chips are radically different and puma 7 is much more powerful and doesn’t run the maintenance tasks that puma 6 does.

        You’d think if this was a serious issue on Puma 7 someone somewhere would have backed it up with data like they did with puma 6.

        • Here is an article that explains the entire Intel Puma chipset problem. Again, Puma 7 probably won’t be as terrible as Puma 6. But a warning to all, just avoid Puma 7, so you don’t encounter issues months down the line. There are plenty of safe Broadcom chipset modems.

    • Yes Intel Puma 5 chipsets could also be a problem, but those modems are so old, nobody should be using those today.


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