Superb Amazon Finds #3

Below you will find some noteworthy products found on Amazon, including the SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box. This will be an ongoing series of posts.

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1. SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

There is nothing like the SHASHIBO’s exceptional quality and distinctive design. It is made of high-grade injection-molded plastic, 36 rare earth magnets, and utilizes a tear-proof surface. Every magnetic puzzle has four distinct patterns of vivid, captivating artwork, giving you access to a never-ending supply of beautiful creations.

Collect and connect several magnetic cubes to form even bigger structures and sculptures for the ultimate rewarding magnetic sensory toy. Get all 9 designs to produce captivating, vividly patterned 3D art!

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2. TubShroom Bath Tub Drain Hair Catcher

The TubShroom fits within the drain and effectively collects hair around it, unlike standard plugs that cover the drain. All you have to do is wipe TubShroom clean and your done! No severe chemicals needed and no more complicated messes.

One visit from a plumber can cost hundreds. Drain snakes and liquid drain cleaners are a headache to use and aren’t always effective; plus think of the damage they do to your pipes and the environment.

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3. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Car Battery Jump Starter

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter is small and lightweight, and it can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds. It can do up to 20 jump starts on a single charge and is suitable for gasoline engines up to 6.0 liters and diesel engines up to 3.0 liters.

It’s a portable power bank, LED flashlight, and a vehicle jump starter. Recharge other USB devices, such as tablets and cellphones. It can be quickly recharged in three hours at 2.1 amps using any powered USB port. Plus, the device contains a 100-lumen LED flashlight with seven light settings, including SOS and emergency strobe.

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4. Leebein Cordless Spin Scrubber

The Leebein power scrubber has a high-performance motor for thorough cleaning that can reach speeds of up to 400 rpm and 55 db low noise. To accommodate your varying cleaning requirements, there are two spin speed modes, it can be adjusted from 14.5-51.2in, and adjusts to four different angles.

Eight interchangeable cleaning brushes for different situations are included with the Leebein electric spin scrubber. A sponge is used for windows, a cloth brush is used for cleaning wooden floors and furniture, a corner brush is excellent for grout, faucets, and edges, a flat brush for surfaces like tile floor and walls, and a dome brush for bathtubs. Additionally, you can use those heads to wax and shine your car.

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